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I agree - TOTBL is their best one, but the others were good, too. The first time I heard Obstacle 1 and PDA, I was blown away. I'm hoping for a mix between that and Antics.

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Interpol is my favorite band. I'm so looking forward to the new album.  
I can't stop listening to The Suburbs - it's so good.
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I have to disagree - it's my choice for record of the year. Sprawl II is beyond epic - I love her voice so much. There's a great video of them doing the song live in Boston the other night.

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Great game. One of the underrated games for the current gen systems. I have it on 360....been a Tekken fan since Tekken 2 and haven't looked back.
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Gears always has a ton of people playing. Router problems, perhaps?

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The Summer Of Arcade is MS's time to put out the high profile AAA titles. Last year was super (Trials HD was my fav) and this year is starting pretty well. Hydro Thunder is tons of fun (check the HT forums....I can't get enough of it) and Limbo (although I haven't bought it yet) seems to be an awesome game, albeit short. 
Castlevania hasn't received a ton of great buzz - the Destructoid review was fairly critical. That being said, I'm a HUGE Castlevania fan so I'm waiting to play the demo and hear the other opinions. Remember, IGN's review of Hydro Thunder made it sound not that great and I know that it was quite the opposite; one of the best XBLA titles of 2010.
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If anything, more tracks.
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Can't get enough of it. Storming Asgard is awesome!!!!!

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Been Fable II like a madman lately.....getting in the mood.

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