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Wait, so did the enemy in Spelunky teleport to where Spelunky Guy was standing as they were being hit by an arrow, therefore teleporting itself and the arrow to Spelunky guy and killing him instantly?

That video was confusing as hell. It looks like he telefrags the player, but I have no idea what the normal behaviours are for that enemy, so I can't really peace together what is happening.

It probably doesn't help that even the slow-mo replay still seems way too fast to try and figure out what happened

Sobek acolytes teleport when hit; usually it's into a wall, but that time as every time, Temple Has No Fucks To Give, Only Death. :P

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When the loudest arguments are about cartoon titties or harranguing a guy who's went the farthest in inclusiveness in his design both for the protags and the damsels in his games, we have officially wandered away from the original targets (equality in the workforce and squelching those being assholes to women on-line) and are now engaging in petty social banditry upon the ripest marks. The battles that can be won, not the ones needing winning.

And it was going so good for a while, too.

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Sony megatons: These skies don't stop raining good news for PS4.

The old Psygnosis game, Shadow of the Beast, is being “reimagined” on PS4. No developer was named.

No parallax scrolling, no sale!

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Excellent article.

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Anyone who owns a 3DS who hasn't bought Crimson Shroud is a known pedophile and doesn't turn in library books.

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This outfit does some of the strangest things sometimes.

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(Small aside: I’m surprised at how much people react to the simple branding of a video as a Quick Look. When I put up a video of me talking over Shelter, everyone loved it.

QLs started off solo. Ignore bad comments.

Killer is Dead has received some flack for its gigolo mode. An XSEED employee responds.

Anita Sarkeesian is right. Swapping genders is lazy, we need to be more creative. i.e you play as the end of level flag trying to find Mario

Sad that things can get so bad involving women in gaming that we to have to have puritanical, pet project-pushing fringers are needed to correct them, and even worse that they're allowed to run free with kooky BS like this. It as I have forseen...

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Their stretch goals include getting a good artist to redo the visuals. BOOM.

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He lived by the sword of internet tough guy, and he died by the sword of internet tough guy. He deserves no sympathy for these attacks on him, nor did he deserve the sales his douchebaggery attracted.

And every time I hear his name, I think of fine, hyper-creative forces in the independant industry who use honest, truthful, humble community communication, networking, and quality like Alexander Bruce, Crispy's, Gaslamp Games, or Derek Yu who had less mindshare than Fish & Fez (seriously, how many of the four games can those reading the creators above name without googling them? Try it). They won't get a shitstorm if they leave. They won't get articles writting for or against them, and THAT'S the real problem here.

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You missed the four real problems of SMT4's loss handling in the desperate scramble to avoid any or all setback (without either preparing for it or getting over it):

Massive difficulty spike at the begining.

No choice of Easy or Hard at the beginning.

Playcoin offer made the grim Macca cost moot.

Save anywhere lays all blame on the player. Can't cite the last save location being 30 minutes ago as being why you lost 30 minutes of progress...