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I loved what Arc did with Contra for Hard Corps Uprising, so I'm stoked for the potential this has.

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Seriously though, Igavania. Nothing says "I defined a sub-genre" by putting YOUR FUCKING NAME IN IT.

Igarashi is my spirit animal for life.

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@antihippy said:

Was it that vulgar? It was just a pretty good face/off joke.

I agree, I thought it was just a good Face/Off joke and not a dirty joke, because I think this is the way Dan's brain works

It's a dirty joke IN Face/Off, so quoting it is dirty even if you're ignorant to it's meaning.

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5 man bombcast is too many voices (its fine on E3 week or GotY deliberations, but not every week.). They should just alternate between Jason and Dan. I find Dan grating and his vacation has been a blessing. I'd prefer him in small doses going forward.

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It would be nice if they're taking that extra time to take guns out of the Batmobile, but that's just a pipe dream...

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Kojima is an instant turn-off...


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@chadster said:

Bartleby the Scrivener? Anybody? Not a big Melville crowd here, huh?

It's not an easy read.

EDIT: Beaten!


I love you all for this. Each and every god damn one of you.

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Thanks for everything Dave. You're going to be missed but, these sites will always have a part of you in them. That makes no sense, but it's early here and... well...yup.

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I loved Mark of the Ninja...but I was kinda done with it once I did everything. There's nothing more I want from that title.