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Was it that vulgar? It was just a pretty good face/off joke.

I agree, I thought it was just a good Face/Off joke and not a dirty joke, because I think this is the way Dan's brain works

It's a dirty joke IN Face/Off, so quoting it is dirty even if you're ignorant to it's meaning.

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5 man bombcast is too many voices (its fine on E3 week or GotY deliberations, but not every week.). They should just alternate between Jason and Dan. I find Dan grating and his vacation has been a blessing. I'd prefer him in small doses going forward.

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It would be nice if they're taking that extra time to take guns out of the Batmobile, but that's just a pipe dream...

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Kojima is an instant turn-off...


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Bartleby the Scrivener? Anybody? Not a big Melville crowd here, huh?

It's not an easy read.

EDIT: Beaten!

@alex @rmack

I love you all for this. Each and every god damn one of you.

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Thanks for everything Dave. You're going to be missed but, these sites will always have a part of you in them. That makes no sense, but it's early here and... well...yup.

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I loved Mark of the Ninja...but I was kinda done with it once I did everything. There's nothing more I want from that title.

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I think Zobek is that cloak with the mask in the Demo. (meaning no more Patrick Stuart)

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Hey, the one that actually tried new things is the one people vote for. What a shock.

this and

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Zelda 2 , I guess . That's the only one that didn't hook me in . If you think TP is the worst , YOU'RE INSANE !

Zelda 2 is a very demanding game that is VERY different from the other Zelda games, but it really wasn't too bad, compared to the other NES games of the day.

Twilight Princess just did the fewest new things in a Zelda ever, and stuck so very close to formula. It wasn't bad, but it sure was boring. But whatever, I'm sure there are young kids out there for whom it was their first Zelda, and they totally love Midna or Wolf Link or whatever. It's certainly the worst 3D Zelda.

I don't get why people would think it's even a LITTLE bit bad. That is one of the best zelda games. the music is fantastic, among the best in the series, and pushed the NES further than any game of the time. The game is vastly different than it's predecessor, which is a great thing. Especially compared to modern times when games are just garbage clones of one another. It gave you a vastly different look at Hyrule and the people in it. And best of all, the 2d combat was fantastic. It was always challenging and thusly always fun. I think people who didn't play it at the time give it a bad rap in retrospect just because it sticks out so far from what Zelda was previously. I mean, barring the perspective, Zelda 3 has just as little in Common with Zelda 1 as Zelda 2 does.


It's strange and sad that the most different one is considered the worst. I think in a way its also telling of the age of the poll takers.