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    @1upmuffin said:I kinda like these gaming minutes, it's neat to hear Jeff' 'radio' voice.I agree. I freaking love these. GOOD STUFF, JEFF!!

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    I went all day without crying!! ALL DAY!! Until now!!!!!

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    Your I love Giant Bomb post was beautiful. ROCK ON!!
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    And welcome Dan and Jason to GiantBomb!!!
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    I also wanted to wait until it is done to dive in. Instead I bought it when it was in alpha and gave it a whirl. Totally is fun now and I cannot wait for it to be finished.

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    @luchen said:Listening to giantbomb rewind brought me back here. I don't do much and i don't let that many people into my life and this is going to sound weird as fuck but even though i don't know an...