Hello everyone!

I may blog here.. soon.. HOW ABOUT THIS SUMMER!?

Why yes, I actually am going to put my communication and broadcasting education to the test this summer as I dig into the world of gaming news, previews, and reviews. I hope to keep this up to date with wonderful content I will post on You Tube and have on my weekly radio show. THIS WILL BE FUN!!! I am just not sure if I should blog about it here or use blogger..hmm... decisions!


Ashamed of myself!

Two titles I have been craving to crunch on all year have been released!! F1 2010 and Civ 5!! How many combined hours have I played of them since their release?  1 hour !! Where has my time gone!? Somebody help me!!

Final Fantasy XI

and maybe even Eternal Sonata. Which also shows I did not have a bad year in gaming, just a few games that were decent but fell to the bottom of my list.