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Looking for spare ps3 key if possible. Moneys tight here and i wanna check it out if possible to see if its a better idea to wait for a pc version since i cant afford to upgrade to a PS4 ATM. Will throw in a dont starve steam gift if you want it.

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Hate to sound like a hyperbolic ass but i feel like a friend just got shot. Palmer and the team seems like ok dudes so good on him for getting rich but now that oculus is flying the facebook flag i cant see valve rushing to help them anymore. Maybe lord gaben will decend from the heavens and save us all with a steam VR. Either way im now more intrested in whats sony is pushing even if its inferior.

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Looking for villa..err friends! please add me and send a PM to me with your friend code. God friend codes are the worst.


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I dont know how patrick and other folks in the media dont go psycho when a person that agrees to be interviewed to answer questions gives you the most pathetic PR speak imaginable. The only person that seems to be able of saying yes or no these days is Shuhei Yoshida .

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GO GO GO. My guess is someone screwed up.

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Looking for sydicate invite on PC Origin id: scrazle

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Hopefully this means a hell of alot lighter tone then GTA 4.

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Been using the datavac for almost a year now and cant speak highly enough of it.

Pro-tip:Place some pens in your fans so they cant move and go to town.

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@Jedted said:

Fuck Yeah More Dead Space!

I recently bought DS1 and 2 on steam but i'm thinking of buying em for xbox since the PC versions don't have DLC.

I own that DLC.Trust me just watch that shit on youtube.

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