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There will always be people who just don't get it and feel the need to claim superiority by putting down things others enjoy without giving the subject matter a chance. As a kid I continued to watch cartoons into adult hood and was made fun of all while growing up. Now as I've gotten older many of those people have come out of the wood work and acted like they've always loved it. I learned well into my teens don't knock it til you try and it stop caring about the haters who will continue to hate it. Well written post by the way I'll have to check this Kill La Kill out.

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RIP Ryan thanks for all the laughs. Time to listen to the Realist of Summer jams.

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Ryan may be gone but the duder will never be forgotten!

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made a few more...

Truly the only changes I would make would be something like this...just let the GB text and logo stand out with some white. I see online that places that make patches allow for nine colors. I think with nine colors patches based on this would be AWESOME.

This is a fantastic idea @rorie should make patches happen!


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There are a lot of great ideas in this thread. Lot of fun images and it got my juices flowing so I wanted to make a few myself. Keep them coming duders.

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All the best Vinny I know you and Alex will do great things in NY. While I'm bummed that the Bombcast will be down one more person I know this will only lead to better things. I'm glad you were able to stay with Giantbomb while being able to be back with your family. Can't wait to see what you and Alex come up with whatever may come down the road I'll keep tuning in week after week.

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The Arwing

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It's sad that he couldn't shake it, my condolences to his loved ones. He was a fantastic actor that had many roles left undone. It's a shame we won't see more from him.

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I just saw the gran total, that is just fantastic guys. Everyone who donated and held the streams deserves a pat on the back or a cold one at the bar.