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The Arwing

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It's sad that he couldn't shake it, my condolences to his loved ones. He was a fantastic actor that had many roles left undone. It's a shame we won't see more from him.

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I just saw the gran total, that is just fantastic guys. Everyone who donated and held the streams deserves a pat on the back or a cold one at the bar.

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I don't know if I'd really like this but I'd love to try it, I probably won't be swayed to always use it but maybe it'd be fun as a second controller. I grew up on consoles and it seems like this is built for those who love the mouse and keyboard giving them an alternative? Or something that's close to the precision you get from a mouse and keyboard. Either way I'm interested in seeing it for myself at the very least, can't knock it til you try it, right?

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On a sandwich or BLT and maybe the occasional burger but other then that I don't really use Mayo. I enjoy it but in certain situations for instance I'd never use it on a roast beef sandwich but a turkey club you bet I would.

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While not a fan of Atlus it would have been a shame to see the company go under luckily they found a home. Hopefully SEGA uses them to their full potential, they could have been stuck with a worse company.

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@evilsbane said:

INSTANTLY Made the Nighthawk scene my background amazing job the tiny sombrero... I'm glad you Duders have kept Ryan in all these things... it would feel so wrong if he wasn't, sure gonna keep missing him...

He may be gone but his spirit lives on, I couldn't bring myself to include to not include him in the piece. Drawing Ryan was both surreal and very satisfying the guys face was just so enjoyable to caricature.

You've finally got me to change my Dark Knight Rises hype background after a whole year.

Thanks for this awesome background Duder!

:D Victory is mine.

@atom said:

I love the little sombrero and Ryan's expression. Damn I miss that magnificent bastard...

Anyway, awesome work, duder!

He was one of a kind the amount of personality and passion for something and never caring what others thought is something I strive for now because of Ryan.

Nice work, really good. I like the style and the nice little background touches. The simple fact that you made these available to everyone says a lot.

You have my gratitude.

Your more then welcome duder.

Glad you guys are all digging this once again thank you for the gracious comments, take care and be safe this weekend duders.

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@extomar said:

There are several ways to that commercial sites deal with the rise of AdBlock and other features in network that scrub unwanted things out:

- In media ads: Before/after/during a podcast or audio or video they stick a 15 second "This stuff is sponsored by.."

I'll take the sponsored by any day of the week over the giant banner adds. The sites I frequent I leave adds up like GB but certain sites take forever to load due to all the crazy adds which is the only problem I really have with them. Rev3games has started to do this and I think its great, I don't have to wait for a video to load and then get the actual content I want.