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@wrecks said:

Blood Dragon 2 please.

This is the only logical outcome

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Jeff's going for the Dragon Ball Z look today.

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@y2ken said:

I started playing Clash of Clans at the start of this year, because I had a few friends who have been going for a year or so and needed a couple of extra players to engage in the Clan War feature.

It's pretty fun, you can comfortably get by without spending money and just putting maybe 5-15 mins in a day to check up on your city is enjoyable. It doesn't consume enough time to be a hassle but what you actually do (laying out and upgrading your town while attacking others) is fun in short bursts.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised. I could easily see how someone who didn't play many other games and particularly wanted to dump a bunch of time in (or get powerful quickly) could spend ridiculous amounts of money, but it certainly doesn't feel like you're at a disadvantage by not doing so because they match you up quite fairly against players at a similar level to you.

This. So long as you turn off notifications and don't spend a cent, it's a perfectly harmless, well-polished game.

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Diddy Kong Racing needs a new reboot. Multi vehicle racing is an untapped market!

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@iodine said:

I hear Boyle's moved on to better pastures.

Mary would be thrilled to hear that.

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I take it this means we'll see more retro stuff?

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@35:55....the skater's face is completely missing 0__O

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I love the style of MH, but I really wish they would branch out to other platforms.

A Steam release would be very welcome.

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Grumpy Rico doesn't want to grapple your shit today.

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I love how the butterflies are just rapidly spinning 2D sprites :D