Have YOU seen THIS chair???

This is a screenshot from Hard Reset. I have seen this exact chair in quite a few FPSes over the past, like decade. I'm sure it's in F.E.A.R. and I think I've seen it in the quicklook for DNF. I'm pretty sure it's also in both reboots of Shadow Warrior and ROTT. Has anyone seen this same chair model in any other games? I'm working on a theory that it's just a generic chair asset that comes with the Unreal 3 engine.


I can't do it with out my buddy, Superfly....

The following link will take you to a magical mp3 that has the voice acting clips from Daikatana mixed around to create an amazing 70's porn setup called, Superfly's Johnson: Suck It Down!


I remember going halfsies on a PC copy of Daikatana a year or so after it had came out. My buddy and I each paid $2.50 for a single used copy of it. We still felt ripped off after playing it. We couldn't even beat it because Superfly kept getting himself killed by running into a blade trap. If he dies, so do you.


Oh noes! Should have been a blog post!

Fez is really great, I'm close to the new game + mode. I think it's the only game I've ever played that I know I'm playing better because I understand the game's language from having played a lot of NES games as a kid. Some of the random platform traversal ideas just work. Although, I'm resisting "pen and papering" to learn the actual language in the game, I really enjoy the game's "internal" language! Uncovering the various story bits in game is pretty exciting as well. I totally dig the art style and the soundtrack is superb! I think I just need to track down one last artifact and find 2 or 3 more cubes to have 32. I'm excited because I guess I haven't really seen the "totally crazy mindblowing stuff". yet.


Of ET and Trashmen.

I've never really liked the movie E.T. That cornfield scene used to terrify me as a kid. Also, the scenes with the FBI and E.T. almost biting it were the... worst when I was really young. I think I first saw it when I was 4 or 5. It was on VHS. LOL! VHS! A tape you put into a VCR that was on top of your TV. :) I don't think it's a bad movie, it's ok; but I wouldn't put it that high on my "Favorite Spielburg Films" list.

Also, one year E.T. was the one of the only games my parents bought me for the Atari 2600. We got it when I was about 7. We visited my grandma one time in Columbus. The massive outlet center is still there to this day. I drive past it during work at least 8 times a month. Edinburgh Prime Outlets, represent! :) I've never beaten that game (the pits were awful). It's still hilariously horrible. I think I did get pretty good at it, for a kid. However, my mom eventually grew tired of my brother and I playing on the 2600 and the Odyssey2 her brother gave us. They were set out by the trash one morning by my mom. I put up an impassioned fight for the systems, but she eventually won and I watched the trash truck compress my brother and I's 2600, and Odyssey 2 systems and game libraries. It was the early '90s. It was like 9. That day sucked.

I think it's also why I like video games so much. My parents totally don't get them at the time (they have a Wii now and love it). They also gave me a really unique and needed outlet at the time. So many weird ideas and interfaces. I still love really weird and odd video games. Old and new.

I need to get back to playing Rule of Rose and Haunting Ground. Super Mario Galaxy, New SMB Wii, and Kirby's Epic Yarn are awesome distractions though. Dark Souls and Assassin's Creed 2 as well. :)


Well played, good sir.

Got my first forest defense kill! He was in Dark Knight Armor and had a nasty sword and shield. He hid in a corner by the forest entrance between the stairs and cliff face. He didn't know that I have the Force spell.. which is a quick firing spell that force projects an small area around my body. I have 21 uses per attunement of them... I fired them off real quick and managed to time it right to knock him off the cliff and into oblivion. I made a small bow. I think I get a percentage of the defeated player's souls.. so this time it was around 7k, which is AWESOME and a large chunk of titanite, plus i'm on the defender board now in terms of covenant rank. I need to go see Alvina. :)


Tipping in Dark Souls rocks.

I just had an amazing experience in Dark Souls today that really made me glad to be a part of that game, as a player.

TLDR I got unexpectedly tipped a humanity in Dark Souls and it was awesome! but you really should read the story. :)

Ok, so I'm a level 40 cleric and I currently rock a +5 Mace which works pretty well on the enemies I encounter, but is generally worthless in PvP against anyone with better equipment. I spent a bit of time today building up 20k souls to buy the crest to get me into the Darkroot Forest, home of Alvina (see white cat in the inset pic). She's the Forest's eternal guardian and contracts players that intrude on the forest to defend it from any other player not in the covenant. She gives you a ring, that when equipped will randomly summon you to another person's game as a dark phantom. This person has to be in Alvina's part of the forest and HUMAN, Hollowed players get NPC player class humans who are pretty fucking tough at my level. By the way, I LOVE Alvina's voice work. It's like Eartha Kitt sexyness with a backdrop of actual feline purrs and growls. IT'S AMAZING! As a defender it's my job to kill intruders, however... I'm horrible at PvP and usually die pretty quick my only consolation is that I don't lose any souls if I am defeated. I do want to acquire at least five kills as a defender to get the rewards that Alvina dishes out, plus it's a really neat concept. The large majority of the forest's intruders are seasoned veterans on their 2nd or 3rd run through the entire game. Alvina doesn't discriminate against player level when she summons you. I think I got summoned about 12 times in about a half hour. I was in a few of the same veteran player's worlds multiple times. Most of them bowed (which is great!) as my hollowed corpse disintegrated in front of them after one volley of spells or weapon swing, and most had a summoned partner with them, so it was usually 2 on 1 against me. Sometimes, it was a group summon and there was another defender around, in any case, I am woefully under prepared for the situation. I do my best and try to be clever, but usually eat it pretty quick. The game announces who is being summoned to who's world, so both people know who is in there world.

Anyway, so I'm summoned to Outlander95's world like three times. First time, he smoked me like a pro. The second time, I come in shield up, but I don't attack, just to see what would happen. Circle around with shields raised for a bit and then he stops and drops something on the ground and backs away. I cautiously approach what he dropped, keep in mind, this is like my 5th summoning as a defender on my first run through of the game. I don't really know what's going on, it could be a trick for all i know. I'm surprised that I can pick the object up and keep it in my inventory.. even more so that it's a HUMANITY, something that I always am needing and in this form I can never lose it to death. It was a tip! Made all the other deaths so worth it! I checked his profile out and he has 800 points in Dark Souls, he's a vet, he's been in my shoes before and he's paying it forward like he should. Made my gaming day! So, Outlander95, good on you! Keep doing what you're doing! Cheers!

Yeah, I'm having a completely wonderful time in Dark Souls so far. Mostly, I can't wait to finish it so I can run through again with a better idea of what I need to do, etc. I love that this game is structured in this way, for me it's great and I'll surely pay it forward in later run throughs when I figure out how to make getting humanity not so much of a problem.


Erica Anderson, Tomboy? :) (SPOILERS!)

I was going to add some more information to the Erica Anderson page on the site. This was because I beat Catherine again last night and got the True Lover Katherine ending. I watched all the new scenes and when the reveal about Erica came. I totally misapprehended it.

I didn't realize that until today when I went to add information about her being a notorious tomboy in high school. So notorious that Vincent and his friends used to call her "Eric". When I looked at the entry, my misapprehension became readily apparent. Erica actually used to be a man. Eric used to hang around with Vincent, Jonny, and Orlando in high school. One day he disappeared for a few days and then Erica came back. I think that Vincent and his friends rapport and acceptance of Erica is really great. She and Toby have probably the best moment in the final seconds of the True Lover Katherine ending cinematic, at the wedding.

Anyway, I think it's really cool how they handled the "trans-ness" of Erica. It makes me love and respect this game even more.

It's the first time I think I've ever encountered this in a game. Maybe, Birdo... but Birdo just cross-dresses, right? I mean, it's similar and still cool, but a little different, right?


ugh Steam Treasure Hunt ruining another good game for me.

Beat Hazard... a wonderful twin-stick shooter fueled by your music. I had a blast with it on my 360, it was challenging but not too punishing. I thought I'd get an easy point on the Steam Treasure Hunt with the PC version, but moving your ship with the keyboard while aiming with the mouse is NOT the way to go. I've tried to get my 360 controller working with my PC, but it doesn't seem to recognize my controller. I've downloaded the microsoft software for it, but still, does nothing. I really wish there was a better work-around with the keyboard and mouse. Maybe drop the reticle, and just always shoot where your ship nose is pointing?
Anyway, that quest was frusterating me more than the Shatter quest.


Boy, did I ever beat that meat!

 I beat Super Meat Boy today.

Right after I had seen Rocky I for the first time... coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, it is a punishingly great game... and it's still not over. There are still plenty of levels (Cotton Alley, which you play as Bandage Girl in a little role reversal), light and dark to conquer, bandages to collect and characters to unlock.

Super stoked about it though. I got my lil' meat boy avatar item too! WHOO HOOO!

BTW, Cotton Alley has some of the most insane and sick levels I've encountered. It's not bush league and some of them make Hell and Rapture levels look like a fucking walk in the park.... I'm looking at you "Panic Attack" and "Spinal Tap".

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