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Cara would be perfect fit. But she's not really a news person is she?

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This is something I think about often... AND IT SHOULD HAPPEN

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I think there is something to consider with this rumor, If I'm CBS I would wonder why I have 2 products that are starting to deliver the same thing (or at least similar things). Would I like to see a total merger? Not really, especially if it means Giant Bomb becoming a "Mega" site. I would be all about GB absorbing some GS staff though.

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This really shows that we are in a new era for games. A huge highly anticipated game gets cancelled over something personal. I don't think you'd ever see that in a large studio game, indie games are more important than ever.

But yea, I'm super bummed! I played all of Fez and really loved it. I really related to Fish in Indie Game the Movie, and his recent appearance on Giant Bomb was super fun. But- I am disappointed in how he has handled himself here... as a fan. Would we even be talking about this if Phil didn't give Annoyed Gamer the time of day? NO!

Yes, I know Phil has every right to back out of his game, and every right to be offended, and every right to lash out. But me personally, I'm let down that he has done this. (and yes, I can be let down, I know full well Fish doesn't owe me or any other fans anything) And the severity of how far he went is not something you can excuse, in my opinion.

As for the comments on Polytron's site... The internet is a messed up immature force of nature that I don't think anyone can control. Either we have to accept that, or come up with some miracle answer (which isn't coming soon). But on the bright side, go look at the comments when he announced Fez 2, you'll see nothing but love and support there. So I dunno, he had to know he had many fans who will always support him too...

Despite all this, if he decides to come back to gaming I'll be first in line to buy whatever he does, because yes he is that talented.

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Really proud of the GB community yesterday and today. Happy to say this is my favorite site.

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I can't imagine a world without him but I'll always remember him. Thank you Ryan.

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Looking back on it, why didn't they just wait another year when there could be plenty of games available to play? They could have also improved the tech slightly in that time. I still have a little nintendo fan in me waiting to be reborn, but I need to see games to buy a system!

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Osprey is great if you supe up your weapons then shields.

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Wow, Kotaku must be thrilled to see their name mentioned so much here. I mean, if genuine articles about actual, serious issues make people think of them then they must be doing something right, huh? It's certainly a step up from the typical complaint they get about... video game cakes and Japanese panty shots or whatever it is.

It's sad to see some of you people get so furious over the basic idea of equality, as if that's something that should be argued about instead of just being implicitly understood. I mean, did you grow up with mothers that were constantly putting cigarettes out on your arms or something?

Or are you just currently growing up as an outsider and feel the need to lash out whenever anyone claims that there are groups of people out there that somehow have it even worse than you do? I was like you once. I was angry all the time. As I grew up I cooled down and gained a little perspective on the world. I hope, for your sakes, that you have a similar experience and get out of your weird, little bubble, at least for a little while. It gets oppressively ignorant in there.

Thank you, Jeff. Well spoken.

@Jeff Gerstmann Sorry I'm not sure you can have a valid opinion on knowing anything about or understanding equality.... @~6:41 and @~15:45...what are the basic ideas of equality that you understand? Maybe you should wonder if its always been you who's in the weird, little bubble, with no perspective, still angry all the time...

uh... i went and looked up those time codes on the video you linked. I have no idea what you're talking about, so how about making it more clear than just vague accusations?!

Maybe we have to watch from 6:41 to 15:45 and see if we can spot it? Like a dumb game of "I can't find anything but if someone else can then I can take credit for it"

They joke that because the protagonists are "rich white kids" they deserve all the bad things they suffer including death. It was a joke but it looks weird compared to this article and Jeff and Patrick damning naysayers. Rule of thumb, jokes about rich people and white men are ok. Sexism jokes? No no no! We'll crucify your ass!

Yes, because there are major differences in privilege between different groups. My short and sweet way of stating this is: It is not fair or just to treat everyone equally when everyone is not equally privileged.

By and large, rich white people control the institutions responsible for phenomena like sexism and racism. They, much more so than anyone else, have the power to change the situation. They can acknowledge the problems, better represent women & minorities in their companies/pop culture/etc., refuse to work with other rich white people who don't follow their lead, and so forth. That they don't do nearly enough of this is a major reason these problems persist, so I have no problem joking about them or criticizing them.

This is also why "cracker" is nowhere near as serious as the n-word, btw. The latter represents real oppression since it has an entire established power structure to back it up, while the former does not and is mostly a coping mechanism for dealing with said power structure. Same thing with "die cis scum" and similar phrases.

no the difference is that jeff is talking about specific characters in a video game, who are assholes that just happen to be rich white kids!