2013 - 2nd quarter

The second quarter flew by really quick and it felt like I was focused on gaming for most of the time.

Finished: 21

Done: 0

Compared to last year's 2nd quarter of 27, I'm a bit off the mark. Last year I had a couple weeks of vacation and I really hit the Xbox 360. I also didn't have anime taking up any of my time. No surprise I didn't quit on any game.

3rd PS: 3

Action: 1

Adventure: 5

Card: 1

Fighting: 1

FPS: 5


Racing: 2

RPG: 1

Strategy: 1

I'm happy with the range of genres and hey, first time a JRPG has been on this list in years.

Backlog: 49

I've added a couple older games and I could probably take a couple games off as well. I'm glad to see so many games will be coming out for the X360 this fall and I hope that continues for at least another year or two. I think there are far too many current owners for dev/pubs to ignore.

I'll probably take a week off or such for anime as its been sitting there waiting and waiting. The Wii is well.....I've not forgotten it but its just hard to fit it in right now.

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