Upcoming... wow.

In a five week period, gamers will be given some major delights. Now my list of games below have been picked by me as either sure fire winners or hopeful surprises. I've left off games I either knew nothing about or weren't excited for like Madden. I would say the game I'm most excited for would be Diablo 3. I know its funny to say that since I could play it right now on the PC. I have played it on the PC and I just didn't like it. I find myself wanting a really good loot/hack n slash/rpg game and after the boom of them the last couple years, they've dried up.

Disney Infinity 8/18

The Bureau: XCOM Declassifed 8/20

Saints Row IV 8/20

Splinter Cell: Blacklist 8/20

Lost Planet 3 8/27 Rayman

Legends 9/3

Diablo 3 9/3

GTA V 9/17

I'm most optimistic about Lost Planet 3. The first was a surprise to many but the second really killed all the hype for the series. Fingers crossed.

Saints Row IV could be just too messed up to be much fun but I'm open to new things as long as they are fun and enjoyable.

I'm giving the Disney game a slight nod here but I could kick it off after seeing some gameplay.

I generally shy away from platformers but the Rayman game is looking like a real treat and it would a nice break from other genres.

So the list ends with GTA V and after seeing the first glimpse of actual gameplay video, its looking to be top notch. I'm hoping future videos stick with what I call real gameplay. I don't want to see the movies even if they are in-game. I want to see what a player would see while they are playing. Anyway, I hope they really do have the combat fixed and the cars drive like cars and not the awful crap in GTA 4. The small glimpse of the map makes it look Skyrim big. I just hope its filled with Skyrim amount of content.

Its been a long time since I've even bother making a list of upcoming games. There have been some really great games this year but none that made me want to play them right now. None that were day one plays unlike D3 and GTAV. Oh you can bet your burrito I'm going to play those as soon as I can. And its been awhile since a large amount of high or possibly high level games have come out in such a short span that interest me.

I hope that this is a glimpse into the future of the Xbox 360 after the Xbox One comes out. Looking ahead, since I'm already in the mood, beyond GTAV I'm seeing 12 games that should be worth a shot. I doubt all 12 have solid dates but eh.

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