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As impressive as they seemed at their press conferences, I am struggling to see how The Last of Us, Watch Dogs, and Beyond can work as compelling games, especially for more than a few hours.

With that in mind, it's really between Halo 4 and Assassin's Creed III, which both seem like major upgrades for their respective series, and guaranteed thrillers for this holiday. Pikmin 3 would be there too if I had any intention of buying a Wii U.

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I don't have too much experience with photoshop, so I kinda used this as a learning experience. Hope they turned out well.

These two banners really capture the best and worst of a Microsoft press conference.

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Old white guys! It's an E3 mystery.

Not sure why Ballmer's there, since I don't recall ever seeing him at E3. Wouldn't Kudo Tsunoda be more appropriate?

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Can someone explain to me what the fuck is with some people? I saw this story on a few other websites and some people are losing their shit. For those who don't know, you can drop $40 for early access. Along with the early access though, you get 2 full sets of cosmetic gear and a courier. Apparently, some people think Valve is greedy for doing this and I'm sitting there like "when the game launches, all the heroes will be free forever. As of right now, you can either wait or pay. How the fuck is Valve being greedy?"

What the hell do people want? If you don't want to pay then wait. It'd literally be the same thing you were doing before this announcement.

But I digress, the store along with the free hero announcement are nothing but good things in my mind. I just hope they add gear for for my favorite characters soon. For the amount of time I put into this game, I'm willing to drop money in a heartbeat.

Oh you have no idea... Some people play Dota1 as their only primary game, worship IceFrog as a messiah and have no idea who the heck Valve is. They think Valve is some greedy money grabbing company that is taking advantage of IceFrog, forcing him to make certain changes and that he is the only person standing against the big scary corporation for the people for a pure Dota. I'm not kidding, there are people in the Dota community that think that way.

I wish I could be there the day they discover Activision or Electronic Arts, or reality in general.

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Lunch Watch with Patrick Klepek.

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Insania_Aeger. Completely forgot about that one. Uses my current email, of course.

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Hopefully, Hardcore Dave will keep you guys street. And hey, Gerstmann's return to GameSpot might be like the second coming of Steve Jobs. Minus all the dickishness.

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Hate Stringer, like Hirai. All is right with the world.

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I wonder if Valve will get into selling mobile games, at least on Android.

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The Resistance series contributed nothing to the gaming sphere, and it lacked the charm and warmness of the Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank series. Beyond selling a few people on a PS3 at launch, I don't think it'll have much standing in annuls of video game history.