Best of 2012

This has been a weird gaming year for me. I tend to play a lot of JRPGs anyways, which means I often don't get around to a game until it's already been out for a few years. This has been exacerbated by the fact that I spent half of the year in an intensive graduate program at the University of Chicago churning out a thesis, and the other half of the year struggling to find full time employment and coping with tragedies. I haven't been gaming as much as I would like, and so when I sat down to look at new games I played this year, I realized that I really haven't played a lot. But I did play through some older games here and there. So I decided instead of a list of 10 games that came out this year, I'd do 5 new games and 5 old games from previous years that I played through in 2012. I then figured I'd add 3 games from 2012 that I really want to play and, for the hell of it, the SHITTIEST GAME of the year. It may be old, but I beat it this year and it came out on PSN this year for some fucking reason.

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