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It released in Japan arcades in August 1993, with its debut at the 1993 JAMMA arcade show there. It was followed by a worldwide arcade release in 1994, and then a port to the Sega Saturn console in April 1995. Daytona USA sets the player against a challenging array of computer controlled racers, where they must make a mad dash to the final lap before time runs out. All of this takes place on 6 race tracks ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert.

Daytona USA was Sega's first title to debut on the Sega Model 2 arcade system, and, at the time of its 1993 debut, was considered the most visually impressive 3D video game up until then. Despite a slightly lower overall polygon count than its spiritual predecessor Virtua Racing, Daytona's 3D world was fully texture-mapped and filtered, giving it a more realistic appearance. Daytona was the first 3D video game to feature filtered, texture-mapped polygons (the first use of trilinear texture filtering in gaming), giving it the most impressive 3D graphics yet seen in a video game up until that time.

Saturn version

Daytona USA is the first of Sega's 3D arcade racing hits to be released on home consoles.

Arcade Mode

This mode is an exact port of the original arcade game; complete the race before time runs out. The timer slowly depletes as the player races around that track, but upon each successful lap a few extra seconds are rewarded. There are 3 different tracks to choose: beginner, advanced and expert. Depending on which track is chosen, the course could be a standard NASCAR oval or a curvy mountain raceway. There is also a choice of either automatic or manual transmission.

Saturn Mode

This mode is exactly the same as Arcade Mode the only difference is that the tracks can be played forward or backwards.

Launch Game

Daytona USA was a North American launch game for the Sega Saturn (SS) on May 11, 1995. The game launched alongside other Saturn launch titles that included:

That's right, the Saturn launched with only three games in North America.

2011 Downloadable Version

In October 2011, the game was re-released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. It received numerous updates, such as a HD 720p resolution, online leaderboards and multiplayer, and karaoke mode.

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