I'm A Disgrace to Street Fighter Players Everwhere

 I've picked SSF4 back up after a brief layoff (I was trying to get A-rank in Guitar Hero World Tour...still not there yet).  Yesterday, I got into some ranked mode matches and played against Tyrell Badd, a Cody player.  I admit it; I suck ass at this game, and after reviewing that match, I was worse than usual.  I was trying to get a feel for Adon's anti-air normals, and perhaps a ranked mode match is not the place to do that.  But I still won.  Mr. Badd (if you're nasty) sent me this message after the match:

Name added to youtube list for scrub players. Reason: Lag, massive turtleing. Youtube.com/Mysterbyg

Ok, I won't deny that I'm a scrub, but I have two problems with this.  One, there was no lag in the match.  Second, I'd expect that sort of behavior from a good player, but it's not like he's that good, either.  He just spammed zonk knuckles the whole time.  I guess the arrogance of posting something like that is what gets to me in this case.  It's like he filled out a form, checked a couple of boxes, and is now processing my order.

On an unrelated note, I learned something that has helped my Ryu matchup immensely.  Ryu players at my scrubby level will always, ALWAYS throw a meaty fireball after a sweep.  Meaning wakeup Ultra 1 is pro.

Games of the last week: RB2 Drums FC, SoTN S-rank, Simpsons Sucks

  • I hadn't played Rock Band 2 drums in awhile, so I fired that up and got a random FC on De-Luxe.  It's not that hard of a song, but I've missed a note here or there in the dozens of times that I've played it (it's probably my favorite drum song).
  • Fired up Symphony of the Night to get the S-rank, and realized that I'd deleted my old saves.  So I started up a new game to get Bloodlines (spam hyrdo thunder) and Seeker (get a map off gamefaqs and follow it).  Surprisingly easy to get both.
  • My wife asked if SoTN was totally gay, because the sound effects sounded like "a unicorn is coming out and saving you with rainbows."  This is in relation to turning into a bat and the charged up attack from the Icebrand.  If you know what I'm talking about, she definitely has a point.
  • My wife and I played The Simpsons game last night, and she's vowed to never play it again.  I can understand why, the camera and controls are fucking horrible.  I struggled a bit with them, but she had one hell of a time getting around as she doesn't play nearly as many games as I do.  So I'm conflicted about playing it on my own to get some more achievements.  I probably will at some point.
I also grabbed Bayonetta, so that'll be up next.  My new Blu-Ray player should be arriving today, so I'm pretty stoked to fire that bad boy up.

Some More 70s and 80s Songs That Would Rock in RB3

Ever since I got into Guitar Hero, my brain immediately moves into "Oh, this song should be in the next game" mode whenver I'm listening to the radio and a new version is about to come out.  That hasn't changed at all for RB3, except that I'm mostly looking for songs that would rock on keyboards.
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting by Elton John
-When it comes to rock and piano, Elton's the man (well, so is Meat Loaf actually)
-Great guitar riff, awesome bass line, and that kick ass slide down the keys going into the chorus

Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer
-Did you know/remember that it has a guitar solo?  I didn't!
-The synthesizer totally makes this song.
Green Eyed Lady by Sugarloaf
-Love, love, love the bass line
-Wicked keyboard solo
-Drums would be fun as hell
Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel 
-Truthfully, I've been asking for this song for awhile now, but it does have a synth part, so that'd work.
Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf (or "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" would be equally awesome)
-You cannot have keyboards in your rock game and not put in Meat Loaf.  It's in the rules somewhere. 
-The intro would probably kill you.  And if it doesn't, you have 9 more minutes to go.
-I so would rock out as a background singer.

Lost Odyssey Impressions

I just finished up disc 1 of Lost Odyssey last night.  I like JRPGs, though my love of them has been waning in recent years, and this is a pretty decent one:

  • Save points need to die.  The whole concept is so outdated.
  • If designers just have to use save points, at least offer a quick save feature, ala the GBA ports of Final Fantasy.  Sometimes I just want to go to bed
  • Skill Linking reminds me of the Esper system in FF6...in a good way.  Your characters are always learning something; there's always tweaking to be done after battles.
  • Boss fights in this game are BULLSHIT!
  • The cliched characters bothered me at first, but the story takes a very interesting and touching twist towards the end of disc 1.  I think I'll probably wind up liking Kaim at the end of it.

SXSW 2010 Torrent Culling - Final Stats

I finally got through the SXSW Festival's 2010 torrent today, weeding out the crap that I didn't want, which turned out to be almost every Latin, Hip-Hop, and Country track, as well as the myriad of indie rock that all sounds the same.  I'm not a musician or anything, but if there's one recommendation that I can give from this, it's the importance of sucking in the listener right away.  Too many of the tracks have an ethereal, dreamy-like quality to them or slowly build over the song.  Give me a snappy intro once and awhile.

Overall, I feel like I sunk way too much time into checking out all of these bands, given the low amount of material that I hung onto.  Also, I confirmed that my tastes are far more mainstream than is appropriate.  Despite that, I enjoyed the exercise, and am going to do it again with the 1251 tracks that I have from 2009.

Some songs that will probably never be in Rock Band 3

Was listening to my iPod when I heard a few keyboard friendly songs that I think would probably work, though I know there's just no way in hell Harmonix would consider them.  No, this is not a wishlist...just thinking a little outside the box.
It's Time To Party by Andrew W.K. - Good fast, stupid, party song.  Only 1:30, though. 

Lovefool by The Cardigans - I know, I know, but c'mon...it'd be funny as hell.
Lose Yourself by Eminem - Might be a bit too repetitive, and it loses like 1,000,000 points for being so ridiculously overplayed.  But it would totally work
OK, and one that has a legitimate shot to be DLC at some point (since Spinning Wheel is already confirmed)
Lucretia MacEvil by Blood, Sweat & Tears - This would be ridiculously fun to sing if you try to emulate David's voice: Ooooooohhhhh Lucy you just so damn bad.