A Day in DayZ.

I'm thirsty.

My thirst has driven me to desperation. To many of those things in the cities. They've chased me for what seems like hours. I can't get away. I have nothing, no food, no water, no weapons. I feel like giving up, ending everything. The noise has attracted another of those things. I decide to make a last stand; a last gasp of survival. I spot a house on the side of the road. I quickly reach it and shut the door. I back into a corner and wait, maybe they won't get in and will go away? They reach the door and burst through the locked door with ease. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. All I can do is raise my fists. I punch the blonde one, she shrugs it off with ease, wow. I punch and punch to no avail. These things are tough. They shred me with their claws. I can feel the blood dripping onto my clothes. My vision blurs, I'm feeling light headed. I continue to fight with everything I have. I knock them down but they just keep getting up. My body aches. My head is killing me. The blonde one slashes me again and I go unconscious. I can feel them devouring me. What are these things. The pain is unbearable.

And then I wake up.

I'm thirsty.

I can see a house, two story, brown, and dilapidated. The door is open. I enter and find nothing downstairs. I walk upstairs and see a cereal box. It's been mostly eaten and the box is in bad shape. I'm not particularly hungry, and with no water I figure I could become more dehydrated. I leave the house and go across the train tracks and a road to another house, it's door is also open. I spot what appears to be a working compass on the floor, but otherwise, it's empty. I see a sign saying a town called Chernogorsk is one kilometer down the road. I decide to make the trek into town, but for some reason the thought of nearing the city unnerves me. I hug the treeline and visit a few other houses on the road, yet nothing was to be found. I then spot what looks like a factory ahead. There's something bothersome about this factory. Then I see it. A pile of people, dead. Most of them have been stripped. Disgusting. I spot an axe under one of poor souls. I take it, I might need it. This sight has spooked me and I turn back. I return to the house I woke up near and decide to go up the fork in the road up what looks like farm land. I searched a barn to no avail. Farther up the road ends at a lone house, nothing in this house either. I go across the field hoping to find another farm or possibly a town, but I've lost the road and feel I must turn back.My thirst feels like it's about to kill me and I'm starting to get hungry, I almost regret not taking that box of cereal I decide to brave the town of Cherno. It scares it, but I need water badly. I hug the trees and attempt to avoid the factory of death. I spot the town proper and begin to look for water. Still nothing. I leave one house and crouch down and lean to spot the 4 way stop ahead. There's one of those things, just standing there. I feel with my axe I probably could take him, but I think right now it's best to avoid stirring up attention. Suddenly I hear a "HANDS UP"! I raise my hands and don't turn around. A man handcuffs me and tells me they will be taking some blood. I see three people reveal themselves to me, and hear two more behind me. The ones I see are decked out with rifles and strange masks. They appear to have backpacks filled with food, water, and ammo. They stick an IV in me and extract my fluids. They they take my axe and my pants, and leave me cuffed. After a struggle I free myself and continue my search for water. As I'm looking through a house I hear a screech! One of those things spotted me through the house! It burst through the door with ease and slashes me. I'm bleeding. I run out of the house and fid myself running down the road dripping blood with a horde of those things after me. My vision begins to blur and suddenly nothing, blackness. I've lost consciousness. Yet I can still hear them. feasting on me.

And then I wake up.

I'm thirsty.

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getting ready for inFAMOUS 2

Trying to Platinum LA Noire before inFAMOUS 2 comes out, and have extactly 10 more film reels until 100% completion and by proxy my Platinum (will be my 5th one)
damn the Auto Fanatic Trophy was a bitch


BioWTF 2

Found Bioshock 2 at gamestop for 8 bucks
crazy cheap especially since at the same gamestop bioshock 1 is  twice the price
has anyone else found a new(ish) game for crazy cheap?


50 trophies, Uncharted, MGO pack, and LBP

I got uncharted a little bit ago, and i have all but 4 trophies for it, i have a total of 56 trophies(i had about 14 or so before)

if you need help with some uncharted trophies ask me,and unfortunately yes i did use a faq to get some of the treasures(most of them i got on my own,but i had to go and get the ones i missed separately but all the non- treasure related trophies i got 100 percent on my own, in fact i only need one weapon related trophy left, the desert eagle, which i barely picked up during my playthrough because i thought the guys carrying the damn things were unbelievably annoying,(damn one hit killing mofos)

i was thinking i was gonna have to come back to some chapter and mess around to get the survivor trophy, but bam i got it when i was least expecting it (as well as a trophy for the mp40, pretty much at the same time lol).....i wont got into details cause if you havent played it b4 it would have spoilers, but just know it was like an hour or so b4 the end of the game.

uncharted has alot of easier trophies than eden or SSHD mind you, none of them(expect maybe the beat the game on crushing difficulty) are ungodly like HALF of the SSHD trophies and and 8 or so of the eden trophies

I also preordered LBP and i might get merc's 2 if i dont have enough money for my own DS (im using my sisters right now)

I got the mgo map pack a few days b4 i got eden, and it's....well....awesome, except it's absurdly overpriced but it has 3 of the best maps in the game, so...yeah.


been a hard day :(

not only has it been a hard day at work, but also this whole week has been hard, and i might have to work tomorrow:(
i just realized this is my first giantbomb blog, cool....lol
im so tired, time to play gta4 and kill some hobos.... :) lol