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@MooseyMcMan said:

Yo! Welcome to the site! Also, don't worry, you'll come understand at least some of our stupid in-jokes and references eventually. Also, be forewarned that negative comments about Chie are not allowed here. Just a word of warning. I've seen people make that misteak before.

Have Chie and Raynor come to anything resembling an agreement ?


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You lurk/post on PA? GnT/DnD or SE++?

That forum redesign sucks whole asses.

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Ever since last week or so, every time I try to access it I get this message:

Steam.exe(main exception) CMultiFieldBlob(pserialized):partial field header at end of record.

What do I need to do to fix it?

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BoG is mod, again? I haven't been here long enough.

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I have a few people I keep around at work and outside of work since Middle School. But I hate the people in my town. They're bunch homophobes and probably racist, but that's what you get when you've lived in town that is small like Sullivan. I have never found a person in this town who wasn't a complete raging conservative moron and christian. as well.

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I imagine this song plays when someone turns completely evil.

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Congrats all.


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Dude, I wish I had a social life.

I'm too broke and don't have the social skills.

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The battery life sucks. Wait for a revision.

@James_ex_machina said:

How bad is it?