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Opeth keeps getting better and better on every album, while In Flames only keeps getting worse.

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"So Brittany Murphy died"

Is it just me, or does that thread title seem really disrespectful? I'm sure that wasn't the OP's intention, but it just strikes me that way. It seems just a way too casual way to bring up someone's death.

But not that any of that matters, it's still a tragedy. I liked her in some of the movies I saw her in, she was pretty good in that one movie with Drew Barrymore, don't remember what it was called. May she find peace wherever she is now.

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  Also worth mention is Holzfeuer from Arnocorps, simply for the awesome BALLSYNESS of his style!
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Mikael Åkerfeld from Opeth. Growls, shrieks, clean, he can do it.    

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This game looks absolutely ridiculous. Brilliant stuff!