Spaceships. The devils number. What's the connection? Is this pure coincidence? Is there such a thing? 
We're through the looking glass here, people... 
(picture me sitting in a darkened room and chainsmoking as I post this)

Electronic F3V3R

I can't load the Dance Central trailer....Twitter is sporting a fat Fail Whale....my GiantBomb iphone app crashes instantly when I open it.
E3 is here.


Giant Bomb Community Gamer of the Year Award

Haven't used the blog feature here yet, but I had this idea and unlike most of my pointless ideas, this one has been sticking with me. It would be cool for the GB community to come up with some nominations for the "Gamer of the Year", which in my mind means that they have achieved something singular and uncommon, or have contributed something to gaming as a whole, or what it means to BE a gamer. That is a pretty nebulous idea overall, about as nebulous as defining what a "gamer" really is, but I think we collectively will know it when we see it, and besides, that's what voting is for. Still have to figure out how that would work, I guess you can make polls for the forums so that's an option...anyway at this point, still pretty early in the year, I'm just in the idea phase. I did think of a couple nominations I would throw out, though.
One would be the guy who was the very last Halo 2 player left after the shutdown of original XBL last month (I'm googling to see if I can find his name or gamer tag now... there it is) Apache N4SIR. That's a pretty good feather in your cap to be able to say "the game I loved was dying, and I held on the longest", especially since the GB crew couldn't even stay awake past 4am the day it was supposed to shut down. That shows some commitment, and also that you have a pretty stable connection from your ISP.
My other nom would be none other than the GB community's own Nario, aka Nick Hagman. He's the dude who beat Castlevania and Super Mario Bros. using a dance pad, and by the time I post this, he may have beaten Mega Man as well. He has already gotten props from Jeff, who did a news story about him, and a mention on the Bombcast. While his videos are arguably annoying to watch, and he is a pretty shameless self-promoter, he kinda has a right to be, as he has accomplished something that (as far as we know) has never been done in all the years since dance pads have been available in our homes.

Anyway, I'd like to hear what the rest of the community has to say about this idea (if anything). Thanks for reading.