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@sf2733 said:

So why is this twice as expensive on ps4 as opposed to pc?

Early adopter tax?

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I guess I'll watch this quick look since I have too much time on my hands.

YES \m/

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Huh. Hmm.

Hey, they brought back the mortar! Cool.

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@sargemcd said:

You people getting upset about drinking a thing seriously need to look deep inside yourselves and see just what your self-worth is.

What a silly thing to get upset about.


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pizzaaaaaaa in the morning

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@owl_face said:

Time for conspiracy of the day, this whole game is the perspective of a U.S. soldier in Okinawa during WWII who has lost touch with reality after experiencing the horrors of burning out bunkers with a flamethrower.

So it's basically LA Noire: Gaiden

Also: "Never trust a big butt and a smile."

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@y2ken said:

Dan's desire to be the "bad boy of cricket" set me on a path I couldn't get off until this was done.

So here you are, I guess.


Now we need a version of that chicken ad, but instead it says "Rykert - you bloody ripper"

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Bearing in mind that I care not a whit about football....I would go to a football game with Alex in a heartbeat.