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Shaggy Brad is beginning to resemble Phillip Seymour Hoffman

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if you like loud breathing into microphones, have i got a quick look for you

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Everyone in this comments section referring to a Spectrum as a "Speccy": are you the same assholes who refer to Nintendo as "Ninty"?


Dan: "Is this fun?"

Jeff deflects the question instead of saying "No, not really."

Probably the same deviants that say "snesss" instead of ES-EN-EE-ES


It's been referred to as 'Speccy' by a large section of its UK users since it was originally released. Even the printed Spectrum magazines of the day referred to it as such. It's a term that's very dear to the users of that system at the time (me included). One of those situations where you had to be there. I'll thank you both for not being so inaccurately uppity about it! :P

There was I think 8 different models of Spectrum, so Speccy became more of an umbrella term.

Using the above comparison, it would be about similar to me criticising a person for saying Pee Ess Two instead of using it's full name. At this point it's so ingrained in the majority of the userbase that it's pointless to fight it.

If you played Spectrum in the day, and didn't call it Speccy, you were doing it wrong!

These are the same degenerates who call Resident Evil "rezzy" so I expect this sort of thing at this point.

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Telltale Opens the Kimono on Tales From the Borderlands

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Brad doesn't get the pants

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So why is this twice as expensive on ps4 as opposed to pc?

Early adopter tax?

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I guess I'll watch this quick look since I have too much time on my hands.

YES \m/

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Huh. Hmm.

Hey, they brought back the mortar! Cool.

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You people getting upset about drinking a thing seriously need to look deep inside yourselves and see just what your self-worth is.

What a silly thing to get upset about.