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Seems late to be doing this but, fuck it as long as its on PC I don't really care

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I plan on keep track of it, if people like it I'll pick it up!

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I'd rather play DAO over Fallout 3 any day. I enjoyed them both, but DAO is, to me, in a different league of quality compared to Fallout

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According to PCgamer the PC version is borked and crashes all the time on most systems. I'd be careful before picking it up on the PC

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Got my update going right now, looking forward to seeing how much has changed. I'm already in the guild and I'll be leveling a ninja all of today!

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I had taco bell last week with this tread in mind, you inspired me to eat awful food!

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I've always wanted to play this game after playing the demo for hours. I always thought of picking it up but gamestop has it for like 30$ still. I'd pick up a pc port more than likely

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Hey guys, happy this is a civil conversation. If anyone is wondering about sociology's views on this, i am prepping to graduate with a sociology degree and am planning to get a phd in the field focusing on sexuality and religeon. Ive studied feminism and gender queer, both of the leading theories in sociology right now and failing my meager knowledge i can ask one of my proff, im actually in a gender class as we speak which is why my spelling sucks. Cheers!

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I dont understand how this would work or why it would increase sales, but fuck it sure. Sure sounds like a Nintendo move

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If these were something that interested me, I'd feel ripped off.