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Gonna join up next time I play, CMDR Slyspider reporting

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Telltale Presents: Telltale Presents

Telltale Presents: Frog Fractions

Telltale Presents: Eve Online (you know what, I would play the fuck outa this.) (Do you keep mining?)

Telltale Presents: Metal Gear Solid

Telltale Presents: Garry's Mod (Do you load the Lua?)

Telltale Presents: Saints Row

.... Fuck it those sound pretty fun. Hire me telltale I've full of ideas apparently

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I haven't had any issues with my 7950. If I needed to upgrade I might go with a Nvidia, but its keeping everything on high at 60 just fine for now and I don't have any crashes (since I replaced my POS motherboard that died)

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That sounds fantastic. I kinda want to go out of my way to get the hat now

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I don't know if it is still the case, but i had to go into my device manager and turn off my G13 keypad so that it would launch. Other than that its a solid launch

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Way too few for how many I started. I have like a 10% completion to start ratio

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That Dragon Ball Evolution one is something else...

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Another for Critical hit, they are amazing and funny as shit. It got me into playing DnD

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I use a Logitech 3d pro cause it was cheap and at my local best buy. It serves the purpose and was cheap enough for me to risk not liking it

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No matter how good this game is, it will be a disappointment. People are putting the hopes of the human race behind this thing. I'll be happy if it ever releases with half the promised stuff in a functional way.