Games that are worth playing - despite being perhaps somewhat antiquated.

Having an interest in the development of games and the games industry, this is a list of games that I think are important to play if you are interested in the historyof video games. 
* An interesting note - I have personally played every game on this list for a significant amount of time or completed it.  Even Pong - in that case using a Tandy TV Scoreboard! 

List items

Posted by buft

Fantastic list, i tip my cap to you.

Posted by smokemare

It's just struck me, that there are no point and click adventures here, or even text adventures, - I completely missed two genre's... Have to sort that out :P

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Well-rounded and nice write-ups.

Posted by smokemare
@ahoodedfigure: Thanks!  
I hate lists with no write up - seem largely irrelevant unless they are listing something very specific.
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@smokemare:  Agreed.  Lists are OK, I guess they're an internet staple now, but they need to have substance and context or they might as well have been plopped out by a computer.