Sleep is Death, and so are slow releases.

I am very eagerly awaiting the new indie game Sleep is Death , a two-player only adventure game, where player one play's the adventure game and player two responds to their action's and even creates art assets on the fly. I really recommend you go check out this game right now!
So while I wait and wait and wait, I thought I'd complete one of the new GB's quests by posting a blog post. More Quests await!
Are you picking up this game? I think there needs to be some GB art assists, Pixel Artists Assemble!


Unforseen events

Taking a couple days off from dark chronicle videos, my tongue is all swollen up and I can hardly talk , plus I have a few personal things to take care of this week , expect then to start again at or just after the weekend.


SmokestormX Plays: Dark Chronicle - Part 13

We clear out a few dungeons in style riding in our Ridepod, we also learn some new things… but then I realise this game is always throwing new things at me.

I’ve also made a few tweaks to the game footage which I hope will give it a better look. Our Dark Chronicle adventure is going well.

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