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What'd you call me!?

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There was a time in my life I just didn't care whether I lived or died. I was sick of just about everything there was in life. There were too many people that bothered me in school. Life at home wasn't quite the greatest but looking back it really wasn't that bad. During the darkest times, I would go so far as to pray that God would just end my life because I just didn't want to handle it anymore. I never did anything drastic or even really imply that I was suicidal, I was just really sad and angry. During the summer between the end of Middle School and High School, something must have changed, because I made strides to get out of that rut in my head and tried to do better and be better, and High School was much better for me as a result (it also helped that many of the bullies I had in Middle School grew up a bit and we were actually on pretty good terms for the next four years)

Many people didn't know that until I acknowledged that that period of my life is a part of me, and perhaps sharing that story could somehow hopefully make someone change their mind about suicide if they were thinking about it. Now I'm quite a bit happier since those days (it's been about ten years now) and though I do have bouts of depression, I try to take steps to get out of it instead of allowing myself to wallow in despair and be stuck there for days or even weeks on end. I have a few anxieties mentioned here as well, but I try to come off as a good sport about everything and use a bit of humor to try to brighten other people's days a bit.

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Yup, I'm kind of in the same boat as you when it comes to Alpha Protocol. Seems the big tip was to put all of your points into pistol and stealth and you're good to go, which I started to do and started to have a better time with the game, I just never quite made it back to it yet. It's been about a year, so I might restart it one weekend and start over with a clean slate since I probably can't remember much of the story now.

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Loved it. Sure, the 30-second ads were a bit annoying, but boy that panel was fun to watch and listen to live.

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He's also my profile picture on the site, but here's Chuey, our pomeranian.

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I kind of stopped picking up figures once Woody came out during Wal-Mart's exclusivity period for the figure, this will likely entice me to get back to it, if I have the money to spare anyway.

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Yes (Non-Denominational Christian)

Age: 24

Location: West Virginia

Education: Graduated from Concord University in December 2013, English Major and Philosophy Minor.

Grew up in a Christian household, though it hasn't always been perfect with some frequent arguments (not about religion) happening every now and then. I had some time where I kind of rebelled against religion a bit when I was younger, but never really felt happy about it. My college schedule kept me out of the church a good bit for the 5 1/2 years I was in college, but since graduating, I try to go every Sunday (outside of extenuating circumstances such as weather or sickness that might keep us at home), but I don't read my Bible as often as I should.

Before college, I tried to be tolerant of others who had different beliefs to mine or lived lifestyles that church doctrine frowns upon without really accepting it. Now, however, I'm generally pretty accepting of most everything as long as certain habits (drugs/alcohol) aren't done in excess to the point that it could cause one to injure (or worse, kill) someone else or yourself. I don't agree with absolutely everything that is said in church, and I try not to be one of those "holier than thou" types either, extremely judgmental Christians actually irritate me. I'm generally pretty laid back and friendly to everyone as long as they're pretty cool to me.

Basically, I try to live by Giant Bomb's golden rule: Don't be a jerk.

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@somberowl: I know it at least comes out in North America this Tuesday (April 1) Not sure about other territories though.

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I don't know what this says about me, but I at least laughed at that mask bit at the end of the trailer. I could possibly see myself watching this at some point, but the jury is still out on whether I think it will be good or bad.