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The DLC felt completely unnecessary. It didn't add anything to the story, it didn't develop Elizabeth, and it didn't give me more of Columbia. I got to play a less capable version of Booker that was losing her mind and constantly rambling nonsense at herself over a radio. I got to sit through a Saw-like torture sequence that served no purpose beyond being one of the most gratuitous plot devices I've experienced in a video game. I was forced through one of the silliest retcons of a character I've seen since George Lucas telling everybody Guido shot first. I got a game ending that let me experience a woman getting beaten to death with a wrench so that the first Bioshock could be just a little more convoluted than it already was. Staple onto all of that how we've already established via the original Bioshock Infinite ending that this is only one possible timeline of an infinite number of dimensions and the "progression" of Elizabeth's character into a powerless tool becomes all the more meaningless.

We already had our fanservice DLC for rapture, why couldn't we got one for Columbia? Saddens me we'll never get to see that piece of content.

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@joshwent: There's also the train of thought that the people we disagree with most are the ones we should be paying the most attention to, lest we become trapped in our own most personal and compartmentalized world-views. Attacking them with loaded language is the way we place them on a pedestal and glamorize them through controversy.

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Well that was weird. I played through the game before I even read anything about it and felt nothing, as I'm a little tired and wasn't sure I was in the 'mood' for a mood kind of game, but about 30 seconds after I finished I started fucking tearing up. I had this weird connect the dots moment of ziplining back to my childhood when everything felt so incredible and out of reach, and feeling that massive disconnect between where I am and where I was, and where things could have been. Just... weird.

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I have a better framerate than in the original with only an occasional stutter as it loads in new textures. Looks better too.

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Whatever they want to do I totally support it.

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Strange to me that some people are defending this so hard... Really you're either disappointed, angry, or indifferent, and there shouldn't really be a 'correct' reaction considering this wasn't a scheduled bump in the road. Games can go over budget, sure, but if you can't set a budget it probably isn't wise to ask for one to begin with. This is why we have publishers who can set the ground rules and provide the money as you determine that you require it. Nobody hoped for this scenario but it has happened and serves as a warning to people who backed other big titles like the Torment sequel or Wasteland that things can go sideways sometimes. No ill will was intended here, but every reaction is a valid one.

Have a nice day.

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I think the console consumer may have shot themselves in the foot with the ranting. Yes you got what you wanted, but now we will not have that steam level of sales and price reductions. Plus you will loose out on any resale value of any games you trade in a GameStop etc will give you such a shit trade in value. Now we cannot share our on console games library with family members, nice one fanboys

Everybody on this board, neogaf, and reddit, all jumped on the 'stab microsoft with pitchforks' train just to spite them, without any actual consideration for what it would do to the next ten years of console policies and price points. They deserve exactly what they're going to get. I'm glad to stay on the PC side of things where we aren't massive babies about digital distribution anymore. This console was going to be less restrictive than Steam and now it's just another brick you can feed discs into. Huray.

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Can we please knock off bandwagon bullshit? This is just reddit all over again. "Hey I'll be seen as popular if I hate on the old guard! Here we go!" Learn to think for yourselves. This is just another flamebait thread where the guy posting didn't watch the video and these are going to continue until we all agree to have different opinions.

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You'll be missed if you don't check in often enough, so, check in however much is required to qualify as 'often enough.'

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Fantastic article. Thanks for the breakdown.