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I hope it comes out soon, because I lost my DS and need to replace it, and I'd rather wait for the 3DS than get something new now.

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The Riddler doesn't even touch The Joker. He's just not crazy enough. Sure, he can plan a good death-trap, but he doesn't have The Joker's nihilism. But considering how similar they are, in name and in gimmicks, following one with the other just doesn't make much sense to me.

I wouldn't have pinned Scarecrow as a good villain, but he did a decent job in Batman Begins. Just because The Riddler is the next most recognizable doesn't mean he's the one to use. There has to be someone else out there who can make a good choice. The Penguin would actually probably be your best bet, though it'd be tough to do it without being too camp.

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Ha ha no.

Sloppy joes are very different from hamburgers. They don't taste that similar.

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I might have made my way here eventually otherwise, but the publicity surrounding Jeff's departure, and his starting this site, led to me following it right after the initial blog launched.

There's no way it would have exploded this fast without their editorial star power.

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What a classy thread.

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Love Reign O'er me is an amazing song, but there's not enough guitar in it, because it's more piano-driven. That person would be pretty bored doing nothing for all the verses.

If I played more Rock Band, I'd totally get this pack. There's amazing stuff all over it.

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Spy is a lot of fun. I've also really been enjoying Pyro lately.

Heavy is fun too.

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Sadness will never come out.