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The fanfiction already exists, doesn't it.

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Going by the last UPF I say keep the Crichton train rolling and do Timeline. If you are so inclined you have a book, a movie, and a game to work with.

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I never played the first MGO, but I spent a lot of time with the MGS4 incarnation. I had pretty much stopped playing obsessively by the time the last expansion came out, but man I had so much fun with that game. It's a shame that there's a widespread perception that no one played MGO (almost to the point that I was going to email the bombcrew to answer their question of ''Who wants another MGO''...I ended up deciding I really didn't care that much if they want to dismiss it). It really did allow you to take the freedom of action in the main game and go up against people who were all playing their own way. It helped too that the community was pretty tight, probably as a result of the ridiculous hurdles Konami made you go through to play and the fact that the PS4 was still really expensive back then; the people that were playing were really into it.

My biggest request is that they keep the reward shop updates in the English release generally close to the Japanese shop updates. Other than that as long as people are having fun sneaking around in boxes I think I'll be happy. Also singing. I'll be happy as long as I can sing.

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I'm glad you mentioned MGS 4, because I was feeling like I was the only one. MGS 3 had me tear up a bit at the salute, but I was literally bawling the entire last 15 or so minutes of 4.

Other gaming moments that I can remember crying over are (I think the statute of limitations are up for spoilers on these):

-The resurrection of Crono scene as well as the credit roll from Chrono Trigger

-The death of Aeris and the ending to FF7

Huh, I guess those 4 games are about it.

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I'm so sorry Jeff.

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I clicked on the article just to find out what was going on with that boat.

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Hey, have another!


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I want to believe, but I won't get my hopes up. I've been burned enough on trademarks before.
Also, remember the rumor of a Vib Ribbon revival when the PS3 launched?

-From a guy who lives in the US, but imported the game way back in the day.

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3 Subsistence. I really do love all the games though. Portable Ops was the only one I never really got super excited about, and even then I didn't mind playing it, at least once I remapped the controls.

Edit: Oh wait Rising is on that list. Probably not Rising.

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I realized in the latest bombcast that Dan uses 'dork' as both a noun and a verb, with one usage referring to genitalia and the other describing the act of messing around, in a strictly nonsexual manner. The latter usage was incredibly confusing, especially since I had finally understood that when Dan says 'dork' he means 'penis'.