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More QL and QL throwback to old or weird games would be great.
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The shadow-that-car-but-dont-drive-too-close-or-you-will-be-busted missions in any GTA game. Who the hell has fun with those?

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What someone on a website thinks a site is worth, and what someone would pay for it, are very, very different things.

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I use cheats(in singleplayer games) only when Im starting to run tired of the game. Its the last desperate attempt at getting some extra entertainment before the game is thrown away. And some games, like GTA SA have some pretty amazing cheats.
Trainers are mostly lame though. When the challenge goes away, so does the fun.

Cheats barely exist anymore, and the ones that do, mostly for GTA games, are so uninspired and dull. 

True. I guess achievements are to blame.
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Cover mechanics and regenerating health.

  Unskippable logos and bloated company identities at the beginnings of games.  

 What he said.
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Its out already. @videos

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Archive will hopefully be up a bit sooner. GIFs anyone?
Also Dave was scarred for life by a guerrilla. Always a good sign.

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Its here! In the video section.

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I wish I had a ps2 for persona 4, if only to try all the "bad" responses that they avoided in the ER.
Some footage I took last week: 


The game is Arma 2 with exp.
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The whole quality thing is largely BS. How can you say that a critically acclaimed flight simulator is better than a first person shooter? Apples and oranges.
Halo surely is not my coup of tea.