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Thats pretty amazing. I guess the search they did prioritized popular Tweeters.

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In Norway we pay $10 USD for a gallon, so that is a easy choice. I do like Air Jordans though.

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Here is something I used to do it as a student before I got a job. Wait six months, buy one month and catch up. It sucks to wait and you wont be seeing stuff live, but its a little bit cheaper.

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Donald comics are huge in Scandinavia. The names of American cartoonist like Don Rosa and Carl Barks probably aren't very known in the US, but they are very popular here. Or at least if you were a kid before the internet arrived.

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Interestingly enough, DCoE is testing out a simulator similar to VBS/Arma for the purposes of treating PTSD. So while they aren't causing PTSD on their own(who would want that?) they can recreate somewhat similar situations to the ones causing the disorder and help service members to talk about it and treat it.

As someone who often plays military simulators in a social setting, I do not see any use in discussing the "100% realistic game" where you get killed if you loose. Its a dead end which isn't very productive to talk about. The question is how many % of punishment is viable to use for different gamers.

You can introduce "harsh" punishments in Arma, like a 30 minute wait when you die and wait for your buddies to fail or succeed in the mission. It makes you hug that cover so much more and it makes you terrified whenever you hear the sonic crack of a bullet being fired in your general direction.

If you crash in Iracing, or even get taken out by somebody else, you might loose rank and fall down to a lower class of racers next time you want to race. And again it works to a certain degree, rewarding people for not driving like mad men.

I like to differentiate between feeling authentic and being realistic. Games like COD can feel authentic with its high-budget campaigns, which Arma often lacks with its cheap rigid animations. But when it comes to realism, Arma has a much bigger potential.

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As a Norwegian, I don't think this will be easily forgotten, so I would be surprised if he gets out before the 21 years.

The death penalty is exactly what this kind of terrorist wants, to be made a martyr. But if we actually wanted to punish this guy, then perhaps people should stop buying papers writing up and down about this guy's every thought and move. As a bonus you would probably save some lives later by avoiding to recruit for more mass murderers.

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Oh man from being on a high from them pulling off the train heist to feeling shocked withen 20 seconds is amazing TV. I thought the guy was pulling out a chocolate bar not a gun.

It seemed like they could have posed as railway maintenance workers or something. But Todd was told that there must be no witnesses, and he's apparently quite a go-getter.

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The Black dynamite series on adult swim is fantastic. Its even better than the movie was.