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It's between Dark Souls II and Divinity Original Sin. If I had to chose between them it would probably be Dark Souls II by a small margin. Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4 comes a distant third just because I love D3.

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I play all classes and both HC and SC. (With 4000+ hours PC and consoles combined.)

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@darji said:

@sooty: The comparison shots are both from 2014. The ifrst one is January the last one were retail version.

I think you completely missed the point he was trying to make.

In any case, I will be getting the PC version when it comes out so I don't have a problem at all with this. I'll still play the 360 version in the mean time. Even if the game looked just like Dark Souls 1, I would still play the hell out of it.

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My feelings on ROS are a little mixed right now (now this is based purely on my experience with the PTR, I don't have a beta key). I will be playing day one but I agree that it has a lot of issues that likely will not be fixed at launch. Still I have 2500+ hours invested in D3 and I'm definitely itching to play the new content.

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All the comments so far seem to be arguing about whether or not net neutrality is a good thing or not. The court ruling has absolutely nothing to do with net neutrality. It is simply saying that the FCC, an entity that only has the power to enact regulations if such power is delegated to it from congress, may not impose net neutrality clauses that congress itself has not authorized the FCC to impose.

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Based on the articles I read, it seems like the ruling is based on the FCC overstepping it's regulatory authority, not the courts ruling against the concept of net neutrality. The court ruling basically implied that congress should be the one to make such a regulation, not the FCC.

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Actually i have to agree with Jeff that most video games, if converted into a movie would amount to fun summer blockbusters. The thing is, if you are going to convert a game into a movie, you can't just convert the story stuff, you have convert the gameplay as well. And since most games are 90% gameplay elements, and 10% story elements, that amounts to a lot of action and not much exposition, which is basically the definition of a big summer blockbuster. Also Jeff wasn't saying that game stories can't ever get to the point where they are comparable to the best film stories, just that they hasn't so far, which is pretty much true. Now it's also true that different mediums can't be directly compared but given how many games are trying to be "cinematic" these days, they are basically asking for it, so I think Jeff's arguments are fair.

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If you're not gonna be doing a lot of encoding or heavy multitasking, there's no point in getting a 3770K over a 3570K, you can save $100 that way and put it towards some other components. Also, if you're going for the GTX 780, make sure you get one with an ACX cooler, it's much better than the default heatsink (such as this). Also if you're planning on overclocking the CPU, that cooler isn't a great choice.

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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya is rapidly becoming my favorite new show of the season so far, though that's probably not saying much considering the many mediocre offerings available this summer season. I should probably be watching Monogatari S2 as well but I need to get caught up with Nisemonogatari first.

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According to the counter, I spent about $115 dollars, which is a little more than I would have expected.