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Aldnoah Zero season 2 is reminding me of how much I miss a good train wreck. It's been too long since Code Geass ended. Though I'm not sure how I feel about episode 3. The show is actually starting to make some sense which could endanger its trainwreck status somewhat.

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I ended up trying both endings and to be honest they are both shitty people. It's unfortunate the game does not allow you a third option of supporting neither of them.

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As always its the framerate that is most jarring when I played this game on the PS4. The game looked great at 1080p but the framerate is just not great even for a game in a genre where 60 fps is not the most crucial. Can't wait to plat this at 2160p 60 fps.

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Considering the major has a full prosthetic body I don't think it matters if she doesn't look physically Japanese.

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I like my PS4 . . . for playing Blurays and watching Netflix ;)

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Please don't buy 2 GT 740s, not only are they garbage cards but they do not support SLI. Also 32 GB of ram is overkill. Instead pt that money towards a GTX 970 or R9 290.

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The game is pretty much really easy with any class until you get to max level and play on higher Torment difficulties or higher level greater rifts. So yes what you are experiencing is completely as intended. Plus the sader is a pretty OP class in general even at high Torment difficulties.

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Could be caused by a lot of things including the hard drive. What hard drive/SSD are you using?

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I really hope the OP is trolling cause that would at least make him a pretty good troll. Dunno how I feel if the OP is actually being serious.

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I'm not quite finished with the game (I'm definitely more than half-way through though) and while I've really enjoyed it so far, I really can't stand the default FOV. It's just . . . terrible. For that reason alone I couldn't imagine playing the game on a console. Now the 30 FPS thing I can live with but the default FOV I really can't. But, when I increased the FOV to ~85 it was a much much better experience and I've really enjoyed it. And even though the latest patches have enabled the option to disable the permanent letter-boxing and also include a 60 fps option, I really didn't mind playing it letterboxed and at 30 fps, it was just the ridiculously low FOV that bothered me and IMO makes the game almost unplayable (where it not for the fixes available on the PC).