Posted by SpikeDelight

Episode 1 of my series Press Play's coverage of PAX East 2012. Here we focus on Borderlands 2. Let me know what you guys on Giant Bomb think!

By the way, who else is totally excited for Borderlands 2? I must say, that dual wielding has me hooked already!

Posted by kalibr

I cant think of another game I'm more excited to play this year than Borderlands 2. What they're doing with making the guns more unique sounds amazing and expanding the zones to more than just desert is definitely welcome. Hopefully they keep the surreal and over the top humor from the first game which judging by the trailer they have. Also considering they are one of the only companies putting serious effort into their DLC being good and not just a way to make more money off of their customers; the fact they seem to be building the game to more easily integrate DLC is promising. I love the idea of more DLC playable characters so yea I'm pumped :)

Posted by SpikeDelight

Some of the first questions I made sure to ask were about the audio journals making a comeback and the possibility of a character having three balls again :P I loved the humor aspect of the first game as well, I felt like it really made sure it never had a dull moment!