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@Psych0Penguin said:
" I LOVE the smell of Napalm in the mornin' "
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seems like a good idea, but why not have an "amp" built into the game instead of having to buy one if you dont already own one.  and the actual guitar stuff in the game will probably be really simple, if they can actually teach some people basic chords and techniques then i will be 100% behind this, being a guitarist myself

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John Connor....

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I know that this is one of the most highly anticipated games of 09, but when I went on Amazon to order my copy of it, I was amazed that it's RRP is £54.99.  To you Americans, that equals out to just over $90, and that's just for the standard version of the game.  Granted Amazon are selling the game at £49.99 ($75) but that still seems like a high price to pay considering $60 (£35) seems to be the price for it over the pond.   
Is there any reason why this game is so much more expensive for us Brits?

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@punkxblaze said:
" The real Paul McCartney character model died during development, the Lenon character model buried him in the back up servers of Harmonix. The current one is a stand in lookalike. "
Just what I was thinking as soon as i saw this post ^_^
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Yeh spose playing tf2 does alter your perception of bazookas.  Played some more of '43 just now and im understanding how to play it better so im getting these problems less and less...rifleman all the way

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I got this game on ps3 last night, and played it for a couple of hours.  There mustve been about 10 times when I shot a bazooka missle at a guy, it hit the floor pretty much directly next to him, he survived, and then he killed me...to me that doesnt seem right.

Anyone else agree with me?
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no missing fingers.  whats the reason behind that then?

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Im at a loss at how to spectate other matches.  all i want to do is pick up some tips by watching other players yet whenever i click spectate on a match it tells me to enter a password...wat password do i enter? my steam password? ive tried that but it just tells me that the game is full

any help is much appreciated


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Were are they!  Ive looked and I can only find 3 "scenarios", 2 of which were on the demo.

I was looking forward to taking part in some Trafalgar action, Im dissapointed to say the least.

Thanks go to anyone who can tell me if im going wrong anywhere or if Creative Assembly have decided to leave out this awesome feauture.


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