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I don't think so but we are seeing a lot more shoehorned multiplayer that really doesn't need to be there. It's like the devs are just going down the checklist for back-of-box features that nobody really cares about. I think if they spent all of that time and resources on making the single player better rather than shoehorning in useless crap then we would have some better games.

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@beforet said:

I think my favorite is "FDR let Pearl Harbor happen." I don't necessarily believe it, I just like thinking about it occasionally. Basically in the vein of "would he be that desperate to go to war with Germany?"

FDR is one of my favorite Presidents, and I tend to fall on the "no" side of that argument, but I'm willing to acknowledge it as a possibility.

If you haven't seen it already, good read.

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I'm inclined to believe that the Kennedy Assassination isn't what it seems to be. Not so much that Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill him because obviously he did, but more about the behind-the-scenes stuff. Everything that happened afterwards with LHO being shot by Jack Ruby (a known mob hitman) for no apparent reason, guys in jail talking about things that nobody would know unless they were there or knew about it beforehand... Lots of unanswered questions, that's all.

I watched this video not too long ago, if I remember correctly he does a decent job of running everything down with pros/cons of each theory. Worth a watch if you are interested in all of that. Kinda long, but tons of details.

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Another podcast is always a good thing. A podcast with Vinny on it is awesome!

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@theacidskull said:

It's possible, the comic book is pretty unclear on who is involved within the game. That said, the whole thing serves as a prelude so I really doubt they'd show these characters just for nothing, so yeah, I think they are going to be in the game. I didn't think they'd bring in frost though.

But this brings up an interesting questions. Where the fuck is smoke, you guys?

Smoke died in MK9, as did pretty much everyone else besides Raiden, Johnny Cage, and Sonya. For the bad guys, Kano, Goro, Sheeva, Ermac, Mileena, Shinook, Quan Chi, Reptile, Cyrax, Sektor, and Scorpion are still alive as of the end of MK9.

That being said, nobody ever really "dies" in the MK universe. Especially with this time travel alternate timeline stuff going on, anything can happen. Just from the recent MKX trailers we know that Kung Lao, Kitana and Sub-Zero are all back, and all of them were killed previously.

My point being: who the hell knows? They can do anything they want at this point.

Edit: Marino did an awesome list not too long ago. Check it out. That's pretty much all we know as of this time, not counting the most recent MKX trailers and whatever comes out later on.
Marino's MK9 Character List

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Not cheap? How much are they in the UK? An OEM DVD-RW drive is like $15 here in the US. I bought one complete with Nero software for $18 2 years ago.

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I would go no less than 650watt for a build like that.

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Smoke and Stryker for me. I'd love to see Kabal, Nightwolf and Cyber Sub Zero as well.

I'm going to go replay MK9 now. Damn that story mode was SO GOOD!

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Whenever I see these price drops I just assume that the Xbox division at Microsoft is constantly on fire. How long until it hits $300?

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Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip - 5/5.

Richard Pryor is one of the best comedians ever, and this is quite possibly the highlight of his career. If you like raunchy comedy, you need to watch this.