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@Ahmad_Metallic: I guess it's time to fall back on the other popular suggestion in this thread. Who's ready to masturbate?
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I heard IKEA is all the rage. As for meeting people, that'll likely happen at your job. If it doesn't turn out to your liking try finding groups/clubs for social activities. Or bars I guess if drunk people are your thing. Once you find one cool dude or dudette you like you tend to get exposed to their circle of friends and their friends' circle of friends and so on and so forth. Getting your foot in the door is the hard part.

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Um no. Not at all. BC is a fun thing to have for the 6 months of transition between one console and the next one, that's about it. After that, nobody gives a shit about playing their old games cus any old game people give a shit about will get an "enhanced remake" that'll look better than software emulation.
Basically this. BC turned into a nightmare for Sony and Microsoft to the point where they eventually gave up on it this gen. There was a strong focus on it directly following the hardware launch but it slowly fizzled out. How many people do you see complaining about it now? It also doesn't hurt to remember that all content and peripherals for a given system will remain functional for that system even though a new version is out. My SNES/XBOX/N64/PS1 etc. still work just fine.
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now please fill this in for me: People are dying for Deus Ex 3 because.. ?
Maybe the concepts and gameplay sound interesting and exciting regardless of any previous entry in the series? Things change over the course of a decade. Revolutionary thinking, I know. Who knows how it will turn out, but I am definitely interested in it at this point. Even if it isn't a carbon copy of the original it still has a perfectly good chance of being a fine game. Only time will tell.
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These gritty reboots are getting out of hand.

Too obvious

What has been seen cannot be unseen.
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I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love Alex's writing style. I wish he would do a Giant Bomb version of Burning Questions.

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Current excitement level: Yawn.

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Two Steps From Hell is great trailer music but overuse is killing it much like that Rob Dougan song that permeated Youtube.

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Is there even a point behind any of this?

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Not really sure why people are trying to defend CoD. Is being nickel and dimed for everything fun or something?