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I agree that the fair majority of the kinect stuff was really unimpressive. That Star Wars game looks heinously bad, what with you literally flying/floating to each new enemy. I wish they would realize that they can use kinect in cool ways but it doesn't have to completely dictate gameplay. ME3 was a good example where you ostensibly still use a controller for pretty much everything but you can issue squad commands and choose dialogue options by voice command.

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Here we go agin ...

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I will finally be able to live out my fantasy of Sparta'ing dudes and feeling like a BAMF. Time to go buy a cape and invest in real life technology for slo-mo.

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Now Xbox users can experience the crazy amount of micro updates too! I wonder what this means for Fortresscraft though.

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It will be interesting to see how well 343 does with what has been a successful franchise. My interest in halo concluded with the Bungie iterations though.

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Pretty sure I will still be able to identify twelve year-olds. They will find something stupid to do.

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If this article's idea was used on any child older than 10 it would only result in some pissed off kids. If someone is immersed in an activity and you suddenly rip them out of it ... well, that's a dick move. Whoever wrote that article clearly doesn't have any concept of how to interact with today's youth. Want your kid to have a good time with you? Take 'em out to your nearest surviving arcade and waste some dude in Time Crisis, but only if the machine still has the guns with the chambers that kick. 
Edit for video nostalgia  

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@Lights_Up_The_Shaft: Is that just like a Simcity clone?
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So I've been having this unbelievable desire lately to play something different (for me) that isn't a fast paced action game. Some of the most satisfying fun I've ever had has been with games that don't have any heavy conflict or fighting. I remember years ago having a good time with Settlers IV because of how peaceful and laid back it felt. Just little dudes getting resources and the occasional cartoony fight. I similarly enjoyed Simcity 4. Sometimes it just feels good to kick back and play a game that is relaxing. I've been out of the loop for a while now when it comes to games of that feel seeing as how both of my examples are several years old. I was wondering if any other duders here have a similar interest in games that are focused on economic and/or city building aspects and knew of any worthwhile/newer pieces that could scratch the itch. 
Edit: And I know people mention EVE all the time but I have no desire to get involved in an MMO again any time soon.

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Giant Bomb pogs. Yes pogs. Google it.