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PSN ID: xX_Supaman_Xx

Time Zone: Eastern

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Silent Hill: Downpour (early impressions are not hot)

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Resident Evil 2. Would make my cousin watch me play as I didn't want to play it alone. More recently, I just got around to finishing Fatal Frame 2 - and that game is very creepy while you are first getting accustomed to the gameplay, also feel as tho it dragged on about two hours too long.

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I pre-ordered the game from Amazon and got this bonus, but was ultimately unsatisfied with the game, so I returned it. I still have this unused code for DLC - so the first person to claim it, gets it!

Your welcome!

EDIT: To the person who does claim the DLC, please just post in the thread, that way everyone is not trying to get it after its already been used. Thanks,

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55. You expect to see a loading screen after walking in you're front door

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52. Your girlfriend asks you a serious question and you choose to "remain silent"

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Anyone else see the phantom horse rider outside of Markarth? I tried to chase it down and fired a few arrows at it, and it didn't seem to damage it at all.

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@JustKamToo said:

I haven't read everything so it may already have been posted, but if your playing with a 360 controller (or PS3) hold in the right stick then move the left stick to change the camera distance in third person.

Does this bother anyone else? While I appreciate people contributing to threads, please, at least read the thread before posting your 2 cents. Thanks.
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According to popular believe, your horse cannot die. However, this is UNTRUE.