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THe game has been playing fine but now at the start of Chapter 3 (Downpour) it keeps crashing.  Other people have been having this issue but I haven't seen anyone find a way to fix it.  Any ideas?  I have reinstalled and I have patched.

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Anyone know?

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This seems like a perfect game to come out on PC.  This is how I see the new X-Com possibly being.  Turn based strategy with a touch of 3rd person.

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So I know Fable 1 came out with the Lost Chapters for PC, are we going to get the same for Fable 2?

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No it was a military radio.  Every once in a while I would pick up something weird.  Like I got a guitar once but I don't know how I would use it for a mission  or something.

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When I came out of the lab for the first time I killed a military stalker and he had a radio on him.  Can I use this?  Is this for a mission later?

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You have never finished the game but you have started it how many times?

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I really like it.  Most people who are going to be posting on a game board are most likely fans.  So maybe we aren't the most unbiased group to ask.

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I know you could take as long as you wanted in the first one but how long do you think the main story line is for this one?  Also, has anyone heard any changed to the first game that this game has?  Like able to leave markers etc?

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I am really enjoying the first game, I hope the fix the crashes and such.  Other than that, it is great and quite scary.