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The only problem I've had is the halfway through the first mission the game started installing again. It been installing for an hour so far. Don't know if this is something that happens to all PS4 game downloads since this is my first. Sorry to hear you you having problems getting it to even start.

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I'll be playing on PS4 psn username is Taizy69

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"SalvadorDeath" choice platform is PS3

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Just got mine in the mail!

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Gamecenter: XTaizyX

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Yu's voice really threw me off.

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I wish I would have known, I have something like 40 tracks to share.

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I love all the songs from Jet Grind Radio. It's one of the few soundtracks I listen to outside of the game.

Snake Eater from the MGS3 soundtrack was able to perfectly captured that James Bond opening. My friends seem to hate that song so I like to break it out at random times to annoy them.

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XBL = Taizy

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Could it be that side quests are on one disc while main story quests are on the other?

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