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PS4 all the way. P5 was basically the only reason I still have my PS3 hooked up so I guess I can pack it away or move it to a secondary TV now.

Pretty much. I'm still playing through Beyond: Two Souls, but once that's done my PS3 will be officially retired.

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  • Protected the baby - He's a defenceless baby. Had to do it.
  • Covered Luke on the ice - The ice was clearly too thin to support any more weight. I thought dealing with the walkers first and giving Luke a chance to get out on his own was the best option.
  • Didn't ask to leave with Mike - Dude, fuck Mike and those other two assholes.
  • Didn't shoot Kenny (looked away) - I just couldn't do it. They were both wrong, and shitty people, but I just couldn't make myself shoot Kenny.
  • With A.J. at Wellington - Thought this was the best potential outcome. Kenny finally redeems himself by doing some good and ensuring the children's survival, but Clem also rids herself of a budding psychopath. It also felt good that I ended the episode with someone from the original group, and in Kenny's own fucked up way helped Clem in the end, like his friend Lee would have wanted.
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Why did they not want it archived?

Because the world isn't ready for the truth, man!

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It's really disappointing how Phil Fish cared more about spouting divisive comments on twitter than allowing his game to have the spotlight it deserved. Regardless of all the crazy ridiculous shit that has come from his personality and voice, Fez was among the greatest games of all time to me. Just played it again on PS4 and was just amazed at how it was so skillfully and intelligently put together.

Everytime I hear some new shit about Phil Fish it really shines a light on how immature this industry can be on both sides of the fence. Both developers and consumers need to grow the fuck up.

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That's amazing! Great job!

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I've been thinking about this recently as well. Don't remember a single instance of him swearing. Thought I heard it during the Demo Derby: Pizza Hut video, where it sounded like he said "Fucking weird things" when Dan asked him what he knew about Metal Gear, but it was kind of muffled.

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I was kind of surprised how good this episode was, especially since previous episodes never reached the heights of season one (to me at least). I thought this episode had some of the best choices of the entire series, that Rebecca choice at the end was amazing. I chose to pull the trigger, and immediately I thought "What have I done?" Decisions like that, where you're completely in the moment and it's not about what's right, what's wrong or what you think is best is part what makes this franchise great.

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That eggshell story was AMAZING! Anyone who has a problem with Dan has a problem with fun.

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Apparently they are upset because they wanted something called my "social security card" and instead I brought a piece of paper that just says "Macaroni and Cheese". Isn't that the same thing?

This is the funniest thing I've seen all day.

Hang in there, Dan! Bureaucracy sucks!

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I got 3. Guess I not part of the colourblind club.