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That's amazing! Great job!

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I've been thinking about this recently as well. Don't remember a single instance of him swearing. Thought I heard it during the Demo Derby: Pizza Hut video, where it sounded like he said "Fucking weird things" when Dan asked him what he knew about Metal Gear, but it was kind of muffled.

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I was kind of surprised how good this episode was, especially since previous episodes never reached the heights of season one (to me at least). I thought this episode had some of the best choices of the entire series, that Rebecca choice at the end was amazing. I chose to pull the trigger, and immediately I thought "What have I done?" Decisions like that, where you're completely in the moment and it's not about what's right, what's wrong or what you think is best is part what makes this franchise great.

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That eggshell story was AMAZING! Anyone who has a problem with Dan has a problem with fun.

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Apparently they are upset because they wanted something called my "social security card" and instead I brought a piece of paper that just says "Macaroni and Cheese". Isn't that the same thing?

This is the funniest thing I've seen all day.

Hang in there, Dan! Bureaucracy sucks!

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I got 3. Guess I not part of the colourblind club.

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Usually I pick male. The only reason I'd choose a female is if the male seems out of place in the role the player will be inhabiting. In the Destiny beta/alpha I chose a female only because the male hairstyles suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

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What is stopping people from pre-ordering it from amazon and then canceling it once you get the pre-order code?

Absolutely positively nothing!

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I highly recommend Old World Blues. Can't speak for the rest of them, as they didn't look interesting to me.