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I downloaded and installed Windows 10 Education edition, but it has a stinking watermark on the desktop. Watermarks are THE WORST!

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Congrats @jeff! I wish you all the happiness that comes with this momentous occasion!

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This episode was fantastic! Best one so far for me.

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Yeah, man, I'm completely baffled at how they let the PC version ship like this. It's really starting to piss me off at how some publishers are treating their customers like they couldn't give two fucks about what they deliver on release day.

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Well now I'm kind of bummed to learn I missed out on getting a free Arkham Knight key by a week.

Send a message to the retailer. I've seen quite a few people get a key from Amazon and Newegg this way.

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@grtkbrandon: @dave_tacitus: I'm gonna piggy-back off this thread since I have a similar build. Only main difference is I have an i5-3570k @ 3.4GHz. Would my i5 change your guy's recommendations in any way?

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I gave it a try and watched a couple of what are supposed to be "fan favourite" episodes. Didn't really get anything out of it, it's not my thing.

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Awesome. Now they'll have a dedicated studio instead of what seemed like an open space with some cameras in it. GB keeps movin' on up!

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The Phantasmagoria Random PC Game videos are fantastic! You can't go wrong with Vinny and FMV.

I also highly recommend qlcrew.com for a great way to search for the videos you want.

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I bought The Witcher 1 on steam in 2011 when it was on sale for $2.50, and was surprised at how much I like it. The following year, I built a new PC just for The Witcher 2 which became my favourite game of 2012. Witcher 3 looks like more Witcher 2, but with an open world, which is A-OK with this guy!