Busy, busy, busy

Hey everyone!

Sorry for my absense, I have been doing alot of work, either around my house, at my church, or somewhere that requires my attention. I gotta go to work at 5:30 and I'm too tired to blog when I get home and I wake up at like 10:00 and then I do some stuff around the house (normally it's cleaning), then I go hang out somewhere, then I get ready for work. So yeah I am pretty busy. And since I am so busy I have not had the time to look at any of the E3 games since a couple days after E3. So if something new was said about one of the games there I more than likely, didn't get the memo. So if anything interesting happened to any games please tell me. I will be on more so I can check out some of the games and stuff.

In other news, I saw Transformers 2 on Friday and it rocked! That was the first time I was in a theater for a movie and at the end everyone clapped. I enjoyed the movie alot and I am probably going to see again this week.



Hey Everyone! this E3 was great and my list of games to get just got really long

First off all 3 of the conferences were great. Sony's and Microsoft's conference was absolutly fantastic and as for nintendo, they did better than last year and they actually showed footage of their new games such as Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid The Other M, but the conference was good but not amazing.

As mentioned above, my list of games to get is huge, with games such as Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, Assasins Creed 2, and Uncharted 2. I don't really feel like naming every game I want from what they showed at E3 but just know there is alot!

I enjoyed Gamespots Coverage of E3 as well as G4's coverage of it and I watched both for the entire time. So E3 was great to watch this year due to all the great games that will be coming out.


Conference Time

Hey everyone! E3 is almost here!

As you probably know, the first of the E3 Press conferences start tomorrow and I can't wait to see whats going to be announced. I am not really looking forward to anything from Microsoft besides the PC games but I'm gonna watch it anyway. I hope the Sony conference is great and I hope the Nintendo conference is way better than last years conference. I will be on Gamespot this week for E3 and I will be watching some of G4's coverage on it as well.

I will post a blog more than likely after the last of the conferences, if I don't then I will be sure to make one after E3 has ended.


The end of the year has finally come

hey everyone! this blog is gonna be rather short so sorry about that

After 10 months of hearing teachers go on and on and on, kids being immature, and those classes that seemed like they would never end, the year will thursday may 21st, and starts back up again in august, so my break is pretty nice compared to what I used to have a few years ago. I got one final tomorrow and 1 and a half on thursday (we started half of it today and finishing the other half on thursday).

Well like I said short blog, my friend is graduating tomorrow so I gotta look for a gift, so wish me luck on my finals!



Hey everyone!

Nothing new really happening, except for the fact that today at 10:30 I saw X-Men Origins Wolverine for the 2nd time. The first time I saw it was last saturday, and the movie ruled. I don't about all of you but I personally loved this movie, and it still rocked the 2nd time I saw it. For those of you who are not sure if you wanna see the movie, let me choose for you, go see it, its one of my favorite movies.

Also, I was thinking about getting Wolverine for my PSP, so I was wondering if I should get this game or should I pass on it?

In other news, I rented NBA 2K9 and it's pretty good, though it's kinda hard to get used to the controls since I haven't played a basketball video game in awhile.

Well, that's all for now


Movie Time

Hey everyone! time for another blog

ok first thing, the premiere of X-men Origins: Wolverine was about 30 min from my house and I wanted to go so bad but i was busy doing school stuff. I am just happy that something interesting finally happened to my area here in arizona.

second thing is this weekend I am hopefully gonna see Wolverine on opening night and then I have a party on sunday so that should be fun.

and other than that nothing else has really happened. so this blog was basically just to say that I'm not dead or anything. also I am trying to get a PS2 so wish me luck as i try to get one.


What to buy? what to do?

Hey everyone! again nothing exciting happening.

The best thing that happened this week ( and probably one of the coolest things ever) was something that happened today. I got to talk the girl i like today and whew it was great, best 15 minutes I've had in a long time. Also i have found myself not playing many games lately, though I might rent Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and I might also buy a PS2 but I'm trying to get a car so it's kinda hard to get a new game.

Well...thats it. Nothing cool happening, my school is really pissing me off and I am thinking of switching schools. The girl i like told me her school is really good and worth checking out so I think I might do that. well thats all for now!


Boredom is King

hey everyone! I am bored

Not alot going on at all this week, its been extremely boring but I did have a track meet and hour away and I was on a yellow bus with 50 other kids, so it was very uncomfortable. but i did get the Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode and that was pretty cool. Its surprisingly fun and it's basically like mercenaries just with a partner and theres 2 other people trying to get more points than you. theres also another mode I haven't tried out yet

well thats all for now but I will blog the moment something interesting happens


Again, and Again

Hey everyone! Not much going just thought I would make a quick blog

Well it seems like I have beaten Resident Evil 5 about 3 times already and its not getting too boring but turning and knowing some boss or something is coming up gets old real fast. The game is great don't get me wrong but due to it's length and its easyness, the game can kinda get slightly boring at times. The first time i beat the game it took me 8 hours according to the records and I beat the game in about 3 days, though i was halfway done the first day I got it. Resident Evil 4 on the other hand took me much longer to beat and it took me like 2 weeks to beat it, then i beat it more times and it never got old. There are also lots of great things missing from re5 that were in re4 such as the pause menu inventory, the typewriters, scary moments, and THE MERCHANT! what in the world made them take out the merchant? though the resident evil 5 is still a great game, resident evil 4, in my opinion, is much, much better.

And that's about it. there's been nothing really going on besides a track meet which took forever, but we won so it was worth it.

well...i guess thats it fo now.


Finished and Still Going

Last Friday I got a great game called Resident Evil 5, on Tuesday, I beat it.

Resident Evil 5 was a great game and it was very fun, though it seemed too short. The bosses were pretty epic, considering some of them are huge! The whole partner was better than I expected and the AI for both my partner and the enemy were amazing. When finished with the game you unlock The Mercenaries mode, which if you never beat Resident Evil 4 you won't know what this is. The Mercenaries mode is a timed mode where you pick a character and kill anything that moves to earn points, however this is extremely difficult at times. It also really sucks when you have almost earned enough points to unlock a new character (you need 40000 points) then the timer stops because you couldn't find anymore time bonuses. Anyway Re5 is a great game, however, I still like Resident Evil 4 better, why you may ask? because in my opinion i think that Re4 has a better inventory system, Re4 has the merchant who was awesome, Re4 was scarier (lets just face it guys, Re5 was not scary), and Re4 was longer. Anyway Re5 is still a great game that everyone should play.

Also on sunday, I picked another game with my dad (so in other words the game was free), that game was Left 4 Dead. This game looked like so much fun, and it is. I love just being able to blow zombie's heads off over and over again. I love how on that final mission when rescue is nearly there you face impossible odds. Left 4 Dead is very fun and i will probably blog about it later.

That's all I got for today