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My first time ever using gimp.

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@DuhQbnSiLo said:
" I say go all the way or don't do it all, America has so much crime because theres so many guns just laying around the country "
the crime is from how parent raise their children.
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@sdauz said:
" when ppl have guns, ppl use guns, Australia has tight gun controls...why do u think we have less gun violence than the US? Only 5% of Australians own guns, most of them are farmers and ppl in rural areas. Im not saying Australia is perfect but widespread gun ownership (20% and above) in society can only lead to two things crime and death. "
Canada has lots of guns, I think the problem in the U.S. is the violent criminal to nice, everyday person ratio. And the cause of that would be how parent raise their children, I myself have seen kids who are violent criminals because they were raised basically to be.
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Is there a way i can get my zune to sync with my ps3????
Also  is there a way I can watch hulu on my ps3???

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Both, like fallout 3

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Hide and go seek, whenever in want, like a f'ing  invisability cloak..

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I'm really f'd up when it comes to music, I am 19, love a lot of metalcore, nintendocore, posthardcore, and such, but in addition to that I like a few select bands. They are as  follows : Incubus, Nirvana, Minus The Bear, Cake, Bloodhound Gang, White Stripes, Eminem, racoonters, the dead weather, tenacious d, and thats 'bout it, probably more i cant think of.

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@inkeiren: yes the speed tree, and quite a few other things
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When ever I listen to Ryan in a video or bombcast he reminds me of Jack Black, not only in his attitude, but also in his style of takling. He's not as dirty minded  as Jack though.

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