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The story in destiny is an empty dry fart.

Not even a wet fart, as that has potential consequences.

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@sterling said:

So rep is for leveling only. Okay that makes sense. How do you earn marks?

You start earning marks after hitting 18 and you get them as rewards for doing "strikes" and some bounty quests.

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@ll_exile_ll said:

Just so you guys know, in order to get the clan to show up in game you have to click "set as Playstation Clan" or "Set as Xbox clan" on the clan page on Bungie.net. You should include this instruction when you remix the OP @fattony12000

Will do!

Yeah, but all it does is add a tag to your name? Am I missing something or is there really no proper clan functionality ingame, no chat, not even a list? This is kind of mind boggling tbh.

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I agree. It feels completely pointless, having the exact same label of "premium content available" just sitting there, I know it's available, I already watched it. Especially after it was used with a specific purpose to instantly draw my eye to an upcoming or ongoing stream. Now it's steadily going to become part of the background in my mind and i will stop paying attention to that space, probably missing any actual notifications when those come up.

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Hmm, there is still some heavy hitters yet to come. So far the only real standout for me has been the Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall campaign. Tho there has been some really good stuff, just nothing else that completely captured me. Wolfenstein, Dark Souls 2, South Park, Divinity, Hearthstone, Banner Saga, Broken Age, Might and Magic X.

Oh one thing: Endless Legend, is a goddamn fucking phenomenal 4X civ type game, it's still early access, supposed to come out this month. Even in it's unfinished state i've already sunk many many hours into it. The races have very very pronounced differences, making game play quite varied. It looks great. You can play out your combat and it does so using the over world map terrain. I highly recommend, as I enjoyed it more as broken and as influx as the early access stuff is even with barely functional AI much more the the full priced release of day Age of Wonders 3.

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Alright, i've made a Bungie account tied to the psn one and requested a clan invite for the EU.

id: Tenmuerti (one "n" unlike the forum name, psn account management is still ass I see)

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Don't do it. It's a shallow rpg in it's systems like all Spidyer stuff, narrow corridor crawls with shitty scenery, bad optimization, cringe worthy dialogue especially as the game goes on, and a story that starts kinda ok but progress into dull and finally into stupid. I wouldn't recommend it for free, it's not worth your time.

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For some reason upon reading that headline I had an inexplicable urge to just post: "I don't, care"

Sorry :(

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@subyman: Nothing really complicated here. It's all fairly simple actually. Plenty of items I've mentioned are widely available. Even movie tickets unless you are going to a packed venue on a busy day. My business is only tailored to a particular customer from time to time, most of the time we provide the exact same product, all that changes is a few names on the paperwork. Sandwiches and toilet paper are widely available too, as is bread in the shop, generally.

I said it's semantics because you have once again focused on details and minutia of a few of the examples, that can be argued forever as there are thousands and millions of different products goods and services that exist, they all have their own differences in approaches and uses, always will, it's not rocket science. The overall point that i've restated about three times now is the one that matters. That of our culture and way of life being competently steeped and surrounded with purchasing things ahead of time, almost everything is based on a promise/guarantee of delivery and a lot of it is not immediate, a lot of it is not a 100% sure bet to satisfy you to perfection. There is nothing weird about it overall, it might only seem so to you in this particular case (of games), on an individual level. But it does exist everywhere. Most business wouldn't work if it didn't.

As for digital preoders. Your internet may take 2 hours to download 20-40 gigs, for other people it can be a day or more. Servers might be busy on launch day with everyone downloading, etc. It's also exactly why the industry is pushing things like preorder bonuses. And why retailers like Steam usually have pre order discounts, or why Origin has a 24 hour return policy on it's games. For others the simple convenience of buying the game now and not thinking about it later could be enough.

The risk on a certain game might be significant enough for you. That's fine. Others make their own value judgements. In the eyes of a person who would buying the game anyway there is no risk, the money is simply used on a purpose they want, whether or not a game like DA3 is going to be awesome or shit might not even matter, or they simply have enough information from all the hours of seen footage to make a good enough estimation that works for them.

(unless you have some super awesome local sandwich shop, no one is going to refund you shit if you don't like how it tastes but it's ingredients aren't spoiled)