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Yeah, I'd love to see Jason appear more frequently. In fact, I think it'd be great if they rotated between Dan, Jason and Drew with Brad and Jeff as the constants. There's no reason why the crew has to be set in stone week-to-week, and swapping people in and out might keep things fresh and free up more space for guests. It might be good for the guys too — like, I get why people are into Dan's stories, but I've taken to skipping past them now whenever they come up because it's just too much every single week, whereas if Dan was a more irregular presence, that stuff might be more entertaining.

Don't forget Rorie!

I really like this option.

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Cautiously hopeful/skeptical. (yes both)

Will buy it regardless. Need to know for myself how it is and all that.

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Yea already did. Regardless of how it turns out in the minutia it's the type of game I like, and I'll play it just to see for myself whether it's good or bad or whatever.

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Nah. This will be the first main AC game in the series that I will not be buying.

That franchise got worn out for me personally, I'm tired of it. It also doesn't help that I have no interest at all in that time period/place of the new one, which was the last remaining draw of the games to me. The MP has never been the same since Brotherhood, and the main combat/assassination in those games has also been on a steady downward slide. This is the one where I step out. (same thing happened to my interest in CoD games eventually)

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You kinda need a good conductive surface under you. Eh, not really that novel (tho a clever variation of mag-lev). Essentially you only require an electromagnet on one object that can induce a field on a particular type of surface next to it. So unless your entire town is made out of nicely conductive metal you wont be going anywhere on it.

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Ahhh, you know what's great?

Coming to the office on friday morning, making a cup of coffee and sitting there reading this blog. Thank you :)

Can't really add much of my own thoughts this time around however, as Wasteland 2 is still in my installed but pending pile of games. Getting hooked back on th D3 gear treadmill and playing a 4X game at the same time kinda takes all of it.

SoM is well hmm, it's good, really good. I just wish it's endgame had some tougher/more interesting nemesis system bosses to contend with, and an ending that wasn't quite so shit narratively and mechanically.

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Absolutely. Why wouldn't a good or bad ending affect how you feel about the movie as a whole?

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The Tower was a super disappointing non fight. Then you quick time event the kind of but not really Sauron, because reasons?

That wasn't an ending, that was a shart.

If it wasn't for Destiny this would take the cake for the worst ending of the year for me. In an otherwise pretty damn good game.