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What's up with the women's clean faces?

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Looks alright but it's not blowing me away or anything yet.

Needs more dirt, grease and oil.

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Mako 4 Life.

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Well content/presentation wise you're fine. (except that CoD dig, a bit hokey)

Gameplay wise, there were indeed thing you could have done better even in that first fight. As you've already said you picked the one ship most susceptible to randomness at the start in the whole game, and got a really bad initial start. This would have not been even an issue with most other ships. Being that you have no shields dodge is your only defense at the start besides cloak. So moving a guy from the pilot system was a mistake as was moving the guy from engines. Keep the pilot in his place and the engine room guy (at least for the laser dodge chance if not the beam). Weapon speed boost is insignificant early on with untrained crew member, so move him to the door system, this would reinforce your doors, allowing you to vent the rooms with the mantis more effectively. You would have kept your dodge, and prevented major boarding damage. Then cloaking, it should not be done right at the start but right as the enemy shots, wasting their charge time on misses plus giving you more from the cloak. Loosing a crew member to the mantis was again all on you, unless you are doing a no pause run on purpose this should never ever happen. Trying to put out 3 fires in a 2x2 room and basic doors, instead of venting it, another big mistake. Finally when trying to get away, one dude should have gone to the engines.

Survival was not 100% but it was possible. Yes randomness hurts, but in what you showed here, you dug your own grave too.


The madman encounter is not worth the risk unless you are swimming in resources/upgrades etc or have a way to grantee success with a blue option.

Not exploring sectors as much as possible before jumping: BIG NO-NO.!!

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On the weapons.

And break down how few the numbers that are there actually work, math not simplistic description. It's like this game is scared of showing the FPS crowd anything too complex, cmon.

PS: Also have a PC version, PvE with a controller is fine, PvP with a controller in a shooter makes me want to puke my guts out.

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Loved it.

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Stability wise it's pretty much perfect.

But the PvP has been super laggy every time i've played it (i only tried it after maintenance). Constantly seeing people not start registering hits for a bit, or stuff like shotgunning a dude him running up to me and getting a melee kill only to see the shotgun kill register after my own death. Ugh.

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I'd say the overall story is kinda generic forgettable and personally didn't create much of a drive for me to keep going forward.

The NPC dialogue and the smaller narratives are alright, but they are not that meaty either.

It's definitely not the games strong suit. In that aspect it's closer to Icewind Dale / ToEE rather then Baldur's Gate / Fallout

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Used the 2 day PSN free trial to check out the rest of the stuff in the demo.

The instance run was alright, but that tank took way too long to kill.

The PvP moon map - holy fucking shit is that thing goddamn terrible!

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Well honestly in the beta there was barely any difference, 90% of the time you're just shooting dudes with the same guns anyway.

Maybe there will be more major class differences later, but with the cooldowns on grenades and supers as long as they are (yes i know they can be reduced but it's still long), they barely matter for moment to moment gameplay. I can see melee modifiers being the one significant differentiating factor.