My Favorite Games: An Evolving List

This was very difficult to try and put the games in any type of a ranking order. Here it is; basically my favorite games from the past 30 years.

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Posted by senorfuzzeh

Great list as usual Amigo.

Thought it makes me slightly sad to see Metal Gear Solid so low...

Posted by TerraMantis

@senorfuzzeh: Thanks, spent awhile on it and still going.

As for Metal Gear, all I can say is that the first one was genre defining with unparalleled levels of stealth mechanics for its day and the later franchise installments took gaming as a cinematic spectacle to a new standard, but I'm simply more partial to games with some type of RPG element. The fact that Metal Gear had zero RPG elements and still made my list means it was one of the greatest pure action games ever created, period. It should probably be swapped with Tenchu, but hey, what can I say? I like ancient ninjas better than modern spec-op ninjas.

Posted by Vallnerik

Good list, fuck MGS. Fuck Steve too and his Tiger-Uppercutt loving Katana waving bullshit.