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That's all of them though, another user PMed me earlier and I only had 3 left.

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Still need it? 
I have alpha codes that I don't know what to do with.

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Having just recently finished ME2 for the third time, I will happily play it yet again if they release more meaningful DLC. 
Should probably play at least once as an evil bastard, aswell.

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Didnt really like deathspank enough to play more of it.

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This is the original Red Bull, the infamous syrup that Jeff and Ryan discussed in a really early podcast. 
Personally, I dont like the taste, but my friend swears that it's the only thing that gets him up if he's on call and they call him at 1AM to fix a server.

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@Duffyside said:

" Backwards compatibility does not equal framerates at this level, removed jaggies, true 720p, or trophy support. People who are claiming conspiracy aren't thinking logically.  No one is complaining that Microsoft has stopped supporting its backwards compatibility (though that's probably because no one wants that garbage). No one expects Nintendo to have an extra compartment in their consoles so you can stick your old NES, SNES, and N64 games in and play them at your whim.  Etcetera. "

You're forgetting the part where the Wii has full GC BC (geez... that sound awful), the DS has full GBA BC, and every version of the Xbox360 has the same Xbox BC. 
The PS3 had HW BC at one point, then removed it to cut costs and implemented a SW BC (granted it wasent has good, couldnt run as many games but still...), and then just removed it, only to start selling HD versions of their old games.  
Edit: Also, I'm not expecting any company to support an old medium.  
Sticking a cartridge port on the GC/Wii would be retarded, not only due to the fact that on the Wii the port would be as big as the console.
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Sigh, I hate it when companies remove features only to sell them back to you one at a time later.

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Well, this is obviously superior to MW2 since it will have dedicated servers on the PC.
I'm quite serious.

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Thanks, I'll try this out as soon as either the torrent or the direct download finishes.