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The outcome is fairly set, I would say, at this point. Momentum should carry the rest of the way.

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Yeah this has been the best news in weeks/months. It's really difficult getting that game working on newer computers.

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It actually has just now occured to me that of the 6 major players still on the board, 4 of them are hexagons.

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Yeah there's some straight up nonsense going down.

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@yothatlimp: Oh! Haha, that sucks dude. Too bad you can't drop in and take over for an AI or something.

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Would anyone be interested in starting up another game? Would like to play with people who aren't going to leave as soon as the game starts!

In any game that is this large that is open to the public you will have dropouts.

Also, only about 8 people have left. The majority is still playing.

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No please do, kill yourselves.

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In my experience, while I can't comment on whether or not the AI cheats or no, I have found that they are so inept about where to send their fleets that it ends up completely counterbalancing any fiscal advantage they get.

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Uh, what just happened to Sweepsmom? Is it just my game that's glitching or are they... gone?