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beware the battle cattle.

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@EnchantedEcho said:
" @ThatFrood: If you want better quality get everyone to record locally with Audacity and then get them to send you the files and sync them up, apply a few noise filters and stuff and it should sound pretty good. "
That was what we planned on doing originally.
But the issue with my sound quality isn't that. The issue with my sound quality was talking too close to my mic.
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@Tennmuerti said:
" Weird I can kill Nightkin in VATS even when they are stealthed, maybe it has to do with high perception? "
If you have Ed-E you can shoot stealthed enemies.
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I like it more than FO3.
And yeah you can play offline.

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Well... if you like the developer, are excited enough for the game, etc... you'd probably get it day one.
If you don't... if you can wait... you'll probably wait for a price drop, or a goty edition.
Fallout 3 had tons of DLC, if you added up individual prices it would have been well over the price of the goty edition when it released.
Same with Borderlands.

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Because I want Black and White II goddamnit.
And I mean a real Black and White II.

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Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, the quality of my sound is awful. I am so sorry. I'll be working on fixing that asap.

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@jorbear: My biggest problem is that it also overwrites my quicksaves and autosaves. So everytime it crashes I lose game progress because I can't predict when it crashes and make a hard save every time.
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Woo! It was a lot of fun this time around, a bunch more banter-y. I just hope we don't end up being incomprehensible because of that.

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The writing in New Vegas outpaces FO3 by miles.
What platform are you playing on? I've been playing for a good 30 hours now on pc and my game now consistently crashes once every half hour. Literally.