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@aetheldod: Ok you did a lot more than I did and understood the game better than me. I struggled quite a bit with grasping what I had to do for a while and by the time everything clicked I made a bunch of mistakes that I couldn't take back. I think I could get through the game much faster if I did it over again.

Edit: I just checked what the speed run times are for this game and apparently you can beat this game in 3 hours...

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@geraltitude: I crafted some bombs and potions early on, realized I disliked both and then I basically only crafted a handful of bombs near the end. The dodging wasn't a problem so much as the crowd control and the dumb AI I had to protect in the mission I showcased.

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@aetheldod: Ok so you had some idea of how things worked. Like you knew what the spells did. What was your play time? I finished in 17 hours and 54 minutes and I basically didn't do anything that I thought was side stuff after Act 2. I also hardly used potions or crafting in general.

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I got my weekly video up. This time it is on the Witcher 2 and the battle that made me switch the darn thing to easy.

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@zirilius: The boss battle of Act 1 is a gimmick fight and once I looked up the gimmick it wasn't hard. That fight gave me trouble because my escort found a way to run into the line of fire at all times and that mage would use quen and teleport to crappy places. I had plenty of times when the arrows and spells either all targeted me or all targeted her. It is the old problem of dumb AI + multiple enemies that hit from multiple angles.

@aetheldod: Had you played the game before? Or did you go in to Hard with no prep and no prior experience?

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@joshwent: I tried to do it, but it also starts with little explanation so it is obtuse as well. I got up to riposting and I wan't able to do it at all. I'm not sure if it is bugged or if I just never learned how to riposte, but it just never seemed to work for me. My riposte attacks seemed to do more damage than normal attacks during the main game, but I found that the enemy I was targeting would just continue their attack animation as though I didn't counter them. So I have no idea if I know how to riposte or not. I don't think I got far enough in the tutorial to learn about any spells other than aard.

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@beachthunder: No the makers of Frog Fractions are making a game that is as incognito as Frog Fractions was and they are putting it out in the wild with no fanfare when they are done. They are hoping people will discover it organically like they did Frog Fractions. Once it is found they will confirm that the game is indeed Frog Fractions 2 and all will be well. It was all part of the Frog Fractions 2 kickstarter.

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@joshwent: Yeah I definitely saw that you should use all of the tools available to Geralt if you wanted to proceed efficiently, but so many mechanics in that game are really poorly explained. Like I never understood the difference between vitality and vigor while I was playing. I had no idea vigor was the magic juice and vitality was your health bar. I also had no idea what the adrenalin meter would be because it is a completely new meter that the game gives you in like the last 5 hours. I didn't know why I would use 90% of the potions and crafting items (I still don't since the weapons and armor I won in battle were plenty strong). I didn't use most of the spells since I didn't know what they did. I also didn't riposte because I found that when I tried that I would get hit by whichever enemies I wasn't targeting.

My biggest problem with the Witcher 2's combat was that jank would creep in here and there and really seriously impact my ability to win. Like sometimes a bomb wouldn't detonate or a crouching downed shield guy would pivot to face me at all times so he was effectively invincible to sword blows. Sometimes Geralt would target an enemy across the battlefield rather than the guy I was adjacent to, resulting in a long lunge that invariably was too short to hit but just long enough to get me killed. I would also have situations where I would wail on one dude only to have another shield guy wander into my range at the last second and trigger my stagger animation.

I beat Dark Souls 2 99% naked with a club, without blocking or parrying so I am very good at playing hit and run, but just like DS2 I had a problem when weird janky stuff would happen and throw my delicate rolling out of wack. While The Witcher 2 has less outright BS than DS2, it has way more glitches and jank from my experience. At least the Witcher has a forgiving save system to make up for it though.

@fredchuckdave: I didn't have much trouble with the game without quen or yrden on normal until the escort mission I show in my video and the battle with Deathmold. Quen seemed like a waste since I wasn't really getting hit all that much and aard opened my enemies up to my blade work while also breaking their animations. Killing enemies faster than they can hurt you seemed preferable to constantly replenishing my defense. I didn't think yrden would be good because most of the swarming enemies were just so numerous that I didn't see how trapping one dude would help and swarms were my main problem.

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@mak_wikus: There are only a few moments of story at the very end of the video if you are worried about spoilers. I try my best to talk over the exposition so as to keep it relatively spoiler free (she doesn't tell you anything that makes much sense without doing the missions that come after her mission). Unless you consider the configuration of the enemies in the final fight of that mission to be essential information, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If you want to be 100% unspoiled then best avoid the video though.

My next video is going to be much more spoiler-y because I plan on discussing the characters and tone of the story explicitly, rather than the mechanics.

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@dudeglove: Wrestling, MGS, action movies, and drinking profusely without dying.