Cold War Kids likes post-apocalyptic future.

"... post-apocalyptic future?  Man you throw dark!"  -Jeff Gerstmann

Cold War Kids? Sign me up!
cold war kids recently kicked off their tour to promote their latest album Loyalty to Loyalty.  i was going to write about how dark the show is; but that's boderline spoilers.  it's something concert goers will have to experience first-hand.  i know every band wants to create their own atmosphere but i don't get the whole lack of lighting thing.  onto the show.

cold war kids was one of those bands alex navarro made a reference to.  i checked out a few clips and digged their unique sound. 

the show was really good.  judging by the reaction, longtime fans will really appreciate and enjoy the concert.  i thought the music was good but i probably could've gotten more into it if i had listened to all their available tracks.  people might have heard the newest album's first single something not right with me.  please note that not all their songs are like that style.  though it is still a very unique and refreshing sound.  i also liked the concert bc got to be in a social environment and remind myself that i'm part of the human race.

smokers' roof. more smokers than a european gaming convention
so if you like cold war kids and enjoy that unique sound go get your drink on and check out one of their upcoming gigs.  just remember to bring your NVG (night vision goggles).

this may be only for the LA show but putting it out there as a possible warning

  • 8:00pm Doors open
  • 9:00 - 9:25pm Experimental band #1
  • 9:40 - 10:20pm Jazzy band #2
  • 10:40 - 12:00am Cold War Kids :)

There Will Be Ladies. this ain't no Dropkick Murphys show! so go!

owned!  i got there a little after 8 and had to wait till 9 just for the opening band to start.  like i said this may have been just a LA thing but that was painful.  i mean if this were to happen at the great american music hall up in SF what would you do?  it's already a small venue with not much to do (my favorite though).  the strip club next door will start to look really tempting.  BUT don't do it!  will power!  save money for the fun at the concert.
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Madden Challenge vs. Los Angeles Scorching Heat

heat wins! heat wins!
Luchadeer Williams reporting from Universal Citywalk where the always strong Los Angeles Scorching Heat won in a total blowout against the Madden Challenge.  It's as if the Madden Challenge didn't even show up to play today. Back to you in the studio.

this year's madden challenge kicked off sept 5&6 in los angeles.  i liked the first madden on genesis but pretty much don't care about the franchise.  though as a gamer wanted to see what one of these ea sports events was like.  i wasn't sure if the almost no-show of gamers was attributed to probability of most tournament play occurred on friday or the annoying LA heat. i don't get people that like LA weather; it always too hot for anything to be fun.

onto the madden challenge.  please note that this event is pretty much strictly for madden competitors who want a shot at fame and fortune.  so if
the always friendly marketing assistants
you're just a casual fan thinking it's going to be some big madden/LAN party atmosphere for you and your friends you may want to turn back.

ea sports had a lot of kiosks up and running but only if you were registered for competition.  no bracelet no entry into the play area.  but if LA was a precursor there was plenty of open stations so it should be no problem for people wanting to walk-up register.

if you maddenheads brought friends that don't want to compete, ea sports decided to distract them with a "living room:" a plush sofa in front of a 50 plus inch plasma.  a madden challenge station where you can try to make a 40+ yard field goal in the game and a throw a football into a hole in the wall thing.  again this may be a LA thing but there were so few people around one of the hot female marketing asst. felt sorry for a guy playing by himself at the "living room" that she went to join him.

can i play madden 92 on that?

but non-competitors should really be there to support your friend in competition or watch other maddenheads play some high-powered virtual football.

all the serious madden competitors already have madden challenge set in their calender book.  but if you're a regular gamer and want to burn some time.  show up.  register online or walk-up, i believe you'll get free swag in the form of a shirt, play some madden, get burned on the virtual field.  hey at least it was an experience; something you can share with in the future.

madden challenge
nice jersey dj

LA Metro ain't got nothin on BART! BART rules!

side note:  as i took the subway back to my car; yes LA technically has a subway.  i was staring off into space and overheard a female voice "... i don't have to worry about that.  i don't have any tits."  what?!?  being the perve that i am i looked and yeah she was flat.  BUT dude she was REALLY good.  definitely one of LA's beautiful people.  it was really cool to actually see a LA lady able to joke about herself while being incredibly good looking at the same time.

as she and her friends got off at hollywood and highland to play at devil's playground i should've taken a picture.  i should've just asked considering she was a fellow photographer: a big expensive-looking, high tech, SLR WITH a strap slung around her neck.  that softball couldn't have been easier.  if she said no then no.  well as my friend once said, live and learn.  live and learn.
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i am 8-bit premiere and a meeting of opposites

how does that paris hilton saying go again

" ... only tourists go clubbing on Saturdays.  The real clubbers go clubbing on Thursday night."

a whole messa dudes
so on a realtively busy thursday night in hollywood the i am 8-bit art exhibit was premiered at the world of wonder.
you know what YOU'RE looking at. is she playing M vs C

uh oh.  maybe you're thinking WAR!  nearby was the trendy Geisha House, night clubs, and clubbers roaming the streets all over.  and on one lone corner of hollywood blvd a long line of geeks, a lot of dudes moving about with camcorders and some art exhibit about video games.  a definite clash of cultures.

actually.  it was quite a pleasant night.

it was a very loud, and hectic scene with curious onlookers from all perspectives.  i'm not a clubber, so i've never seen LA's beautiful people and partyers living it up on a thursday night.  and likewise a bunch of clubbers were curious about what the big line was all about.

The scene

a steady stream of scantly clad women. nice!

VIPs boozing it up in the back

again it was crowded and very hectic.  suprisingly not a lot of gamers BUT a nice showing of good looking ladies.  i would say most of the crowd were artists (traditional), CG artists, and industry people.  from what i overheard a lot of people from sony.  for the premiere they decided to hire some DJs and turn the music way up.  so up that it made the glass vibrate.  it was good in that it really made you feel up and alive while waiting in a line that's comparatively as bad as the DMV line.

The gallery

rad spencer in da house!
as you enter the doorway your greeted with a whole boatload of cigratte smoke and colt 45s.  once inside it was packed, hot, and loud thumpn techno
music that makes those super sized E3's loud audio violations seem like childs' play.  the gallery is actually a good collection of art inspired by video games of the past.  i can't appreciate fine art but this i definitely was able to get and enjoy.  so inside it's shoulder to shoulder in people and you patiently move around to see all the exhibits.  there was a nice long line for people to get their booze on and people making unwise attempts to socialize in a loud and packed room.
in the end it was an interesting event to attend.  people socialized, had fun, and people watched.  there weren't any douche bags fighting in public, throwing up on the streets or flashing crotches to the paparazzi.  i would say an overall successful night  for the i am 8-bit organizers.



i likee

i likee pt. 2

the good ol' days

Impressive -Darth Vader

kid icarus represent'n

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frozen river and stuff

Frozen River
haven't been blogging much with all the arguments w/ the parents and job search hell goings on.  this one been in my system for a while so posting it to get it out of my system.

last sat. night (reason why i say this explain later) went to see the indie movie Frozen River and if you like watching shoestring budget films from time to time you should give this movie a go.  if you've seen the trailer and liked what you saw then i think you'll like the movie. 

the acting was all-around really good.  the lead actress and supporting actress did a really good job of carrying the story (i was never bored) and showed what "street"/reservation life is like.  it was really engaging to watch the mix of reality "street" problems mixed with national issues like immigration and economics.  if this movie happens to be playing in your area and you have time to spare give this movie a try.

so the reason i mention watching this movie last saturday at night time is i was watching this movie by myself and as the trailers were playing a girl comes in by herself and sits next to me.  first, it was a small theater so she pretty much had to sit there, not like i'm brad pitt or anything.  but the big thing was she wasn't bad looking; she didn't have the stereotypical LA model look.  but she was about average looking and that's allsrights by me in my book.

i guess what i'm wondering is what is this fairly attractive girl watching a movie by herself on a saturday night here in los angeles? 

the reason for my wondering is bc i didn't do a single thing to try and make conversation w/ her and was trying to make a bunch of excuses to not make a move on her. 
stuff like, this is LA, someone w/ her looks and by herself, she must be mentally insane.  or some kind of problem bc women in LA don't go out by themselves on a sat. night.

i wouldn't have been surprised if this was back in no cal; i would've been more comfortable to try and make some conversation. 

BUT, if i played devil's advocate, what if she was a film student and was watching the movie to perfect her craft.  or she was a normal human being and was going to the movies to simply "escape" reality for a moment like me.

well the bottom line is i didn't do anything and i'll never find out.  it may be time that i give the LA ladies a little break and see what they're all about.

self note: i also wasn't feeling social at the time bc of said parent problems and job search problems.  this job problem really needs to be taken care of bc it's killing my life.
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something about jake

less than jake never ceases to amaze me.  i don't own a single record from them yet their shows are frekn good everytime i see them.  they've really got their punk ska down; not too much noise to drown the ska elements of their music.
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before i forget... too

last night i had a dream that id was making a cell shaded first person shooter w/ elements of sqaud base. 

not like XIII.  but visuals look more like team fortress 2.  basically a single-player mission version of TF2.  kinda like how bad company was for battlefield series.

BUT this was a game for the next generation, not current systems.  why?  advance AI i guess.

first part of game was like Half Life, not carrying anything, your walking around in a hospital in some sort of business park.  eventually, somehow you get strapped into a power suit.  [Note: your suit kinda look like the terminator squad armor from space marines in warhammer 40k.]

in this first level you get 2 team mates who believed it was wrong for them to have put the suit on you and want to help you get out of the hospital.

here's where the advance AI comes, enemy can come in squad.  in this encounter.  enemy had 2 people on point, a main squad consisting of 4 or 5 people, and 2 people lagging in the back to provide cover fire.  this was played out in a cubicle environment in the hosptial level.  (i apologize if this kind of AI is already present in something like Halo 3.  haven't been playing games lately)

the other interesting part was the next thing that happened was the 2 enemy point men physically subdue me and one of them bust out an electric screw driver trying to unscrew the screws and take their suit back.  i guess i was playing the PS4 version bc when this happened the screen goes into another mode where when you see an enemy hand unscrewing screws, the dual shock 4 would vibrate.  and you would have to use ps4 motion controller to grab enemy's hand and fight it off. 

it's not fair for me to make this kind of statement bc i haven't really played this generation.  but in my opinion, i think this generation (360, ps3) hasn't offered much.  i mean it's pretty much been last generaion's games but with higher resolutions and better visuals.  again i apologize for not having to play most of this generation's stuff.

it was just making me think.  bc i think gaming made that first big siginificant jump when Half-Life 1 was introduced.  the AI you remember reading that article on a video game magazine where the reporter had to fight in a small room of 3 enemies and the enemy had never done stuff in previous games.  like throwing a grenade at enemy, enemy will cuss and tell everybody to run off.  i just wonder when that kinda moment will arrive for this generation; i mean we have the hardware to potentially do something.  i know i know AI progamming is one of the most difficult things to do.  it reminds me of when there was girl i knew doing CS major at UCB talking about writing an AI program of rewarding the bot for faster times running around the track.

i wonder what the next generation will be like.  

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tokyo police club. huh?

the line, the line
so a local radio station here in LA had a series of free concerts thursdays at the hammer museum near ucla.  this last thursday (july 24) were afternoons and tokyo police club. 

i thought hey why not, i like to explore music and get an opportunity to do picture taking.

i've never heard of tokyo police club but it seemed they were probably the most popular of the free concert series as the line wrapped around the museum.  something else i noticed right off the bat was there were a lot of high schoolers.  never knew high schoolers were into the indie stuff these days.  when i was in hs everybody was mainstream, even the "outsiders" rockin their metallica shirts.

but it was an interesting night.  most of the crowd were really into the music.  yes there were plenty of head banging, crowd surfing and mosh pitting to be had.  which leads to my opinion of their music.

beer cups!

i listened to a few of their tracks before the show and thought some of their recorded stuff was not bad.  but listening to them live, i just wasn't gettin anything.  yeah they were very high energy but it was just coming to me as noise.  look i'm sure they're good, judging by the crowd's reaction.  but just didn't do anything for me.

a little weird bc i've went to rouge wave blind and this show blind and i thought rogue wave was REALLY good w/o even sitting down and having a good listen to their music.  guess i'm getting old. 

hey it was free so no complaining there and that's what exploring new music is about.  so let the kids have their fun and let the bud light lime flow freely.

question.  as the band exited one of the fans rushed the stage and stole a pair of drumsticks.  that's not kosher is it?  or is that just fandom?  

rush that stage!!! hug?


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you wouldn't shoot Return of the King on video and why I won't BD

there was an interview once with legendary NFL films president Steve Sabol that brought something up i found very interesting.
the interviewer said so you guys shoot you stuff on film than tradtitional video.

Sabol's response was something like let the film flow like water because you wouldn't shoot Return of the King on video. 

and that was such an interesting point bc sports usually use tape which has this "live" look while movies usually use film.

which brings to my point of why i'm not going to make the jump to blu-ray movies.

i've seen the samples out there.  went to the local circuit city from time to time and they'll be showing a demonstration of BD with pirates of carribien, transformers, or fantastic four.  in those demos you can see the BD tricking your neuroscience and makes johnny depp look a"live"  you can also see that with jessica alba or megan fox as if there behind the glass.  they all look super clear.  like that "live" look.  BUT you can also see how weird the ships look in pirates or how the consoles look so much like props in FF.

yeah you know what, when it comes to movies, i don't want that "live" look.  it just looks too weird; like i'm watching a soap opera or something.

the only thing i can think of what that whole BD/hd dvd crap is good for is porn and cg movies.
with porn, watching something like roxy deville in casey parker is the girl next door would be unreal.  porn would make best use of that ultra high quality "live" look.
also cg movies would look really good.  they demoed rataouille and it was freakn unbelievable.  the high count polys mixed with great  animaitons by the animators made that movie awesome.

now don't get me wrong i only have a problem with movies.  if you have that HD set and all, awesome.  your tv shows, sports, games, and the such will look really good.

as for the movies, thanks but no thanks blu-ray you can keep your "live" look while i stick to the standard dvds.

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