you wouldn't shoot Return of the King on video and why I won't BD

there was an interview once with legendary NFL films president Steve Sabol that brought something up i found very interesting.
the interviewer said so you guys shoot you stuff on film than tradtitional video.

Sabol's response was something like let the film flow like water because you wouldn't shoot Return of the King on video. 

and that was such an interesting point bc sports usually use tape which has this "live" look while movies usually use film.

which brings to my point of why i'm not going to make the jump to blu-ray movies.

i've seen the samples out there.  went to the local circuit city from time to time and they'll be showing a demonstration of BD with pirates of carribien, transformers, or fantastic four.  in those demos you can see the BD tricking your neuroscience and makes johnny depp look a"live"  you can also see that with jessica alba or megan fox as if there behind the glass.  they all look super clear.  like that "live" look.  BUT you can also see how weird the ships look in pirates or how the consoles look so much like props in FF.

yeah you know what, when it comes to movies, i don't want that "live" look.  it just looks too weird; like i'm watching a soap opera or something.

the only thing i can think of what that whole BD/hd dvd crap is good for is porn and cg movies.
with porn, watching something like roxy deville in casey parker is the girl next door would be unreal.  porn would make best use of that ultra high quality "live" look.
also cg movies would look really good.  they demoed rataouille and it was freakn unbelievable.  the high count polys mixed with great  animaitons by the animators made that movie awesome.

now don't get me wrong i only have a problem with movies.  if you have that HD set and all, awesome.  your tv shows, sports, games, and the such will look really good.

as for the movies, thanks but no thanks blu-ray you can keep your "live" look while i stick to the standard dvds.