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Really interesting stats - I remember those late nights with the submission queue fondly!

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I did a couple of blog posts: one, two about games I suggest for introducing board games. I really can't recommend Dominion enough - everyone should own a copy.

Other than those, don't start with something like Game of Thrones, because that will just intimidate you. There's a lot out there, what are you and your friends in to?

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That sounds like a major bummer. Oh well, in business you do what you gotta do I suppose.

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@BisonHero: You could try introducing them to Risk Legacy - could easily tell them it's just "Risk 2". I haven't played it yet but I'd say it's suitable for you and your friends. Unlike other board games, Legacy evolves by encouraging you to write on the board, rip up cards, etc. so it's great for a group of friends.

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It's one of those games that's extremely popular, like Monopoly, but when you compare it to the wealth of other board games out there, it's dull and uninspired.

If you want something similar (territory control, armies, etc.) but with a lot more interesting stuff going on, try some of these:

  • Conquest of Nerath - my favourite Risk alternative. Relatively simple but with some great variety.
  • Small World - for something lighter/easier to get in to.
  • Nexus Ops/Dust - Haven't played these as games by Fantasy Flight tend to have overly complicated rulesets that I'm not a fan of. Highly respected games though, and supposed to be excellent.

If you want to try a different sort of board game, I did a couple of blog posts on some I'd recommend for people getting in to the hobby:

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@BleedingStarX: That's odd - doesn't shop on my upgrade page either. Maybe they haven't added that there yet - might be able to contact them to do it.

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Dungeon Raid. Too much damn Dungeon Raid.

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There's two £4.99 options (see here, packages tab):

  • Streaming only, no discs
  • 1 disc at a time, no streaming, 2 rentals a month

You want the former - you'll get unlimited streaming on the 360 with that.

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There's so many excellent games on iOS you're bound to find something you enjoy. Like others have said, take a look at the App of the Day stuff over on, and also browse where they do a pretty good job of curating some of the best apps.

Personally I like games I can pick up for 60 seconds, play, and put down again - so from the games I've been playing recently I'd suggest:

  • Jetpack Joyride
  • Tiny Wings
  • Wind-up Knight
  • Drop7
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Muffin Knight
  • Trainyard
  • SpellTower
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@ZombiePie: Good choice - they make great presents considering everything else people usually get as gifts (games, music, films, etc.) is usually given in a non-giftable way these days.

If anyone else is thinking of getting a board game for a friend/family, or wants to put one on their wishlist, let me know your requirements and I'll see if I can suggest something suitable.